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Marchex is a leading local search and performance ad company. Marchex's mission is to provide consumers with most comprehensive and compelling local experiences on the web; to provide local businesses the best products for acquiring customers; to deliver consistent product innovation and shareholder value creation. Their flagship products include Marchex Adhere, the premium vertical advertising network; Marchex Pay-For-Call, which delivers qualified calls from consumers to businesses; Marchex Connect, the leading local advertising solution for large companies selling advertising to local businesses; and OpenList, their local search network that attracts tens of millions of consumers each month.

AdhereMarchex Adhere for Publishers is a private-label, performance advertising platform that enables premium publishers to more effectively monetize their Web sites. Unlike typical solutions, Marchex Adhere gives publishers total control over their inventory, including the look and feel, and the minimum bid prices.

Marchex's PPC advertising channel provides advertisers with national presence as well as local impact. The Marchex Adhere offers access to over 200 premium publishers online. Some of those advertisers include PC World, Business Week Online. With the PPC tool you're able to target your ads to a site-specific category or keyword basis and pay just for results. Another great feature offered is something they call 'OpenList', this gets more than 32 million unique visitors per month through local searches all across the United States in every major search category.

PPC Advertisers can develop complex advertising campaigns with Marchex. They've also been involved with some pay-per-call advertising for many years with leads generated from calls and from people who have seen ads on TV, radio or in newspapers.
If you're familiar with PPC tools search as Google Adwords, you'll find it relatively simple to set up a campaign in Adhere. If you're new to the PPC advertising world, you might want to take a moment to educate yourself on the in's and out's of setting up keyword based campaigns. Like with all PPC tools, you can waste money on unrelevant clicks if you don't know what you're doing. We recommend that beginners get some advice from an advertising professional before jumping in. For companies with larger advertising budgets you may want to consider having all your PPC campaigns managed by a PPC ads management company.

Everything we do, we look at through the lens of local, Horowitz says. By focusing on technology and user generated content, Marchex has been able to successfully launch more than one billion web pages. The company's strategy thus far has been to provide these sites, which already garner tens of millions of unique visitors a month, with cash generating content. And since advertising is the main way to make money on the Internet, they acquired Enhance Interactive, a pay-per-click company, and Traffic Leader, which ran paid-search ad campaigns.

At first, the sites were merely parked domains filled with pay-per-click ads. So whenever someone clicked on an ad, Marchex got paid. This worked at the time thanks to direct navigation, which is the practice of searching by typing a name directly into the browser. But Horowitz couldn't see that method holding up in the long run, so he decided to focus on turning the domains into consumer friendly websites.

Ten years ago, there simply wasn't enough traffic on the Internet to expedite the development of local search. But now, the Internet is mainstream in every developed country in the world and high-speed connections are the norm. Businesses are desperate to advertise locally on the Internet and right now, there is no dominant platform to do so, not even via Google or Craigslist. And with online local ad spending estimated to go from $5 billion to $25 billion in the next decade, Marchex is in a prime position to capitalize.

The more traffic their sites generate, the more advertisers they will attract. They're hoping to create a more practical way for people to search for local services than a traditional search engine. For example, their site allows you to refine you search for a doctor in several ways on a platform specifically designed to target New York doctors. We're trying to empower people and local advertisers in underserved markets, Horowitz says. We have the chance to do something profound.

Obviously local search is a completely different entity from general search because small, local businesses don't want to spend the time and money advertising through a general search engine, especially when their company name is so specific that it likely won't show up in a relevant search query. Marchex's Adhere aims to make local online advertising easier than it's ever been, and because they already have the traffic, businesses have no reason to shy away from such an opportunity.

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