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Amazon affiliate program

Amazon affiliate program is one of the easiest options to pursue to monetize your blog. Amazon today represents a huge proportion of the retail book market accessible to self publishers. Large trade publishers deal directly with Amazon, and smaller trades often let their distributor or wholesaler handle all of the Amazon sales. The print-on-demand portion of our list is printed by Lightning Source, which means those titles are supplied to Amazon both directly and through Ingram Distribution as part of the standard Lightning Source deal. However, we also have a couple offset printed books still in print that lost Ingram stocking years ago due to insufficient sales levels, and for which we never signed on with another wholesaler or distributor. We are still able to sell those books through Amazon two different ways, through Amazon Advantage and Marketplace, and promote them through Amazon affiliate program (Amazon Associates).

Amazon Advantage is the "publishers only" program Amazon offers to small and medium size publishers who don't have an exclusive distribution agreement that prevents them for selling any books directly to retailers. It's not a bad deal, as far as the book industry goes. Amazon pays the publisher 45% of the cover price of the book (known as a 55% discount), but the publisher pays for shipping the books. Amazon does their best to keep books in stock, but they order in accordance with the track record of the title. As a new self publisher, their first order from you may be a single copy, and when it sells, the title will show on Amazon as "2 - 3 weeks shipping" or worse. They'll quickly send you a request for a replacement, maybe for two or three if they have an order on hand for another copy, but mail is slow, and their receiving and stocking speed depends on temporal factors, like holidays and selling seasons.

It can take many months of steady sales before Amazon Advantage figures out the ideal number of your books to stock and orders in accordance, and even then, any bump in sales will drive your title temporarily out-of-stock again. However, compared to the bad old days when self publishers were mainly relegated to selling books direct or accepting a 70% discount deal from a "Master Distributor," Amazon Advantage is a giant step in the right direction.
Amazon Associates is Amazon affiliate program that pays you commission for items you promote that are sold on their website. With the notable exception of a friend's e-book, we only use Associates to promote our titles. We've been an Amazon affiliate (Amazon Associate) since 1997, the longest running relationship we've had in the publishing business, and although our primary reason for participating is to promote our books on the Amazon website, it also ads more than $100 a month to our bottom line in paid commission. You don't need to participate in Amazon Advantage to join Amazon Associates, you don't even need to be in the publishing business, to become an Associate, but it's one of the best tools on the Internet for increasing the visibility of your titles in the world's biggest bookstore.

Ebay vs Amazon

If you are planning to earn money through secondary marketing-based online affiliate programs apart from major affiliate programs such as Google Adsense or Yahoo publisher network, what's better than Ebay and Amazon affiliate program!

Both Amazon affiliate program and Ebay are popular marketing based affiliate online programs available today, which provide attractive Payouts to affiliates. These typically pay affiliates for user traffic generated from your website, who either sign up as new members or make purchases from eBay or Amazon stores. Although was one of the pioneers with their affiliate program, other affiliate providers such as eBay and Clickbank followed suit

Amazon was the first to make its way into the affiliate business, offering website owners the chance to earn commission on sales made through their site. eBay is not far behind either; eBay offers attractive payouts to affiliates for new user sign-ups and product purchases or bids

ebay Affiliates earn from $5.00 to $13.00 typically for each new active user. The eBay affiliate Programme has paid on average over $1 million a year to our top 50 partners. Amazon pays upto 8.5% in product referral fees on select products.

Which program is better suited and profitable?

Well, this is a tricky questiion. To say the truth, both eBay and Amazon affiliate program make attractive payouts and serve as a wonderful source of income. However, you need to select the products that would best suit the content of your hub or website.

eBay primarily pays for new user signups. However, the drawback here is, lot of people around the world have already signed for an eBay account, hence it's becomes less likely to make substantial amount of visitors as new members

Hubpages allows users to display both eBay and Amazon ads on their hubs, by providing capsules for each of them. You can edit or add new products whenever you wish. If you display both eBay and Amazon ads on your hubpage, make sure not to display the exact product criteria on each affiliate capsule. For example, if your hubpage is about Health, try to display Health related books on amazon and Health supplements on eBay. If a user finds similar or related products in both brands, he may check out either one of them and ignore the other. This way, you can optmize your page resources and extract maximum revenue out of both the programs

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