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Placing Kontera Ads on web-pages is a very good way of obtaining substantial income. Kontera delivers the most relevant In-Text Advertising & Related Information solutions online. Kontera is a large ad network that accommodates more than 15,000 publishers and reaches more than 140 million unique users each month. Kontera's patented technology performs real-time semantic analysis of content and other information to dynamically hyper-link the terms that most accurately represent and predict user-intent and engagement.

KonteraKontera enhances consumer experience through superior phrase relevance, driving increased user interaction, unparalleled campaign performance for advertisers, and substantial revenue for publishers. Reaching more than 100 Million unique users per month, Kontera's exclusive network features over 15,000 premium and niche publishers and represents a unique opportunity for advertisers to reach their target audiences through innovative text, rich media and video advertising units.

Once you have setup Kontera ads on your web-pages, you will start to earn money whenever your visitors click on the Ads placed by Kontera. Login to Kontera ContentLink® Publisher Center and sign up for a Kontera account. Once this is done, you can check your earnings on your Kontera account. Kontera outperforms adbrite and infolinks inline ads when it comes to the relevance of the keywords underlined. If the ads and keywords are pertaining to the user search terms, the chances of the user clicking on your ad (CTR) is more.

Using its patented semantic engine to analyze and understand the true meaning of a page, Kontera delivers relevant ads and information to your users while driving significant, complimentary revenue to your bottom line. Since Kontera's In-Text Advertising units are only activated when users engage with them, Kontera is a non-intrusive way to enhance the user's browsing experience on your website or blog and deliver additional revenue along with control over the look and feel of your site. Add Kontera ads on your website today using our simple sign-up process.

Quick facts

  1. Country: US
  2. Ad types: In-text ads
  3. Ad formats/sizes: text and image, rich media, video, expandable, customizable units
  4. Commission types / Payment Model: CPC
  5. Rate per click/lead/etc: N/A
  6. Payment methods: Paypal, Check, Wire, International EFT for select countries: What do the Various Accounting Terms in the Publisher Center Stand For?
  7. Minimum payout: $50
  8. Payout percentage share with publishers: 70%
  9. Payment frequency: NET 30
  10. Auto-accepts ads / option for manual ad approval: N/A
  11. Setup method: Manual code insertion, plugins available for WordPress, Blogger, Joomla and Drupal
  12. Skills and effort required to setup and manage: Basic skills and effort to install and manage, plugins available for sites running WordPress, Blogger, Joomla or Drupal platforms
  13. Time until relevant ads appear on website after signup/installation: Usually within 24 hours
  14. Conflict with other programs and/or exclusivity: None
  15. Requirements / Restrictions: At least 50 words per page on the majority of each site, no questionable content of any kind
  16. Coverage and Geographic focus: Global Coverage
  17. Support/troubleshooting: knowledge database here: Kontera publisher knowledgebase
  18. Contact info: Telephones, addresses and online contact form here: Kontera

The positives

Kontera offers a popular text link advertising program where ads appear as text links within the existing content of your blog. Typically, Kontera ads appear with double underlines beneath the linked text and when you hover over the ads, a small window opens giving you a preview of the ad. Kontera ads are placed based on the content on your blog, so they're contextually relevant (most of the time), and don't take up any extra space on your blog.

Kontera also offers contextually-relevant display (image ads of different sizes) and video ads. All Kontera ads are based on the pay-per-click payment model, so you get paid a small amount when people click on the ad on your blog.

Kontera is easy to integrate into your blog, takes up no extra space, and delivers content your audience should be interested in since they're contextually-relevant, which means more people should click on the ads, thereby boosting your earnings.

The negatives

The biggest argument against Kontera relates to how Google feels about text link ads. Google's search ranking algorithm penalizes sites that are caught publishing text link ads, because part of Google's ranking system relies on the number of incoming links to a page. The theory is that pages with a lot of incoming links must include great information or no one would link to them. Text link ads artificially inflate the popularity of the page that those links go to. Both the site that publishes paid text links and the site that the link goes to could be punished by Google if they're caught, meaning that both sites' search rankings could be lowered or they could be removed from Google search results entirely. If you want to grow your blog with search engine traffic, then you might want to avoid publishing text link ads.

A second negative is the intrusiveness of the window that opens over your blog's content when a visitor hovers their mouse over a Kontera link within your text. That little window can be annoying!

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