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Yahoo publisher network

The latest news with Yahoo was the induction of their new CEO, Marissa Mayer, which everyone predicted would be a crucial turning point for Yahoo. Yahoo! was founded in 1994 by Stanford Ph.D. students David Filo and Jerry Yang. Yahoo! Inc. has become the world's largest global online network of integrated services. Yahoo! is a leading Internet brand globally and the most trafficked Internet destination worldwide. The company is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, with offices around the globe.

Yahoo publisher networkWell, mixed in with the news of Marissa's new baby boy, it was recently reported that this turning point may be starting to take shape. It has come in the form of Yahoo's new partnership with and Bing to bring back Yahoo publisher network. As you can probably recall, Yahoo abandoned their publisher network, which never really left its beta testing stage, back in early 2010 due to insufficient resources to continue the program. Well, Yahoo has just recently decided to bring back its Google Adsense competitor with the help of another one of Google's rapidly growing competitors, Bing.

The new Yahoo publisher network platform enables you to:

  1. Generate additional revenue from your site. Display ads related to the content on your site. You'll earn revenue from qualified clicks.

  1. Easy-to-use: Ads can be added to a publisher's website in minutes using the powered self-serve platform. Publishers can select an ad size and copy-paste the HTML provided on their web pages to start displaying targeted sponsored links and ad topics.
  2. Premium advertiser pool: Access to the Yahoo! Bing Network consisting of millions of ads and ad topics.
  3. Robust targeting: Proprietary technology scans all the content on web pages and delivers highly relevant ads.
  4. Take advantage of Yahoo! Publisher tools, services and programs. Integrate other Yahoo! services into your web site, including Add to My Yahoo! (RSS), Y!Q and much more to come...
  1. Help shape what Yahoo! offers the publishing community. This beta program is just the beginning. Our mission is to deliver products and services based on the needs of the publishing community.
  2. Customization: Publishers can use the platform to pick from multiple ad sizes, skin the ads to match their look-and-feel requirements, and even request highly customized ad units.
  3. Control: Publishers can influence the ad targeting on a web page by providing hints (keywords). Also, unwanted advertisers and ad topics can be easily blocked.
  4. Dynamic optimization: Ad units consist of sponsored links, ad topics or a combination of both, as determined on an impression-by-impression basis to maximize ad yield.
  5. Placement flexibility: Publishers can run ad units in tandem with or in place of their current ads.
  6. Mobile ads: Publishers can choose to display mobile optimized ad units on their web pages to users browsing the site from any iOS (iPhone, iPad and iTouch), Android and Blackberry phone or tablet.
  7. Real support: Full-time ad specialists from provide support to publishers. Publishers can interact with a real person to help with performance improvements, optimization and customizations.

Alternative to adsense

Based on analysis, Google adsense provides better CTR (click-through-rate) which means whenever a person visits your website, greater are the chances of generating clicks from the visitor. The more people visit and click the ads, the more money the advertisers will pay to the website owner. The reason is that, Google ads are more content specific and target audience better than Yahoo ads. As an alternative to adsense, Yahoo publisher network on the other hand, provides a better CPC(cost-per-click). CPC is nothing but the percentage of commission the affiliate programs pays, per click. For a single click, Yahoo pays more than Google. Yahoo publisher network typically pays around 30%-40% commission for a click whereas Yahoo pays 60%-70% for a click

Due to the above mixed features, one should decide which ads to display on their sites. If your webpage is good enough to attract substantial number of visitors per month, there won't be much of a difference between the revenue paid by Google and Yahoo, though experts say that Google can attract more number of visitors due to better content target ads. Most people regularly switch between Google adsense and Yahoo publisher network ads to check which program generates better revenue for their websites.

If you have both Google adsense and Yahoo publisher network affiliate accounts, I would personally suggest that you display Google ads on a set of websites and Yahoo ads on another set of websites as an alternative to adsense. It's better to display Google ads on specific content oriented sites and Yahoo ads on non-content oriented sites such as entertainment sites. Users browsing non-content oriented site such as an entertainment site are more likely to click on a variety of Ads as opposed to a content visitor who is more likely to click on related topic. Since Yahoo publisher network ads are less relevant as compared to Google ads, displaying them on professional content oriented sites would not be a better idea.

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