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  1. Monetizing Social Media : Find out how social media can also be a great money making tool.
  1. Pure Money Making tools : Here we are composing tools to help you manage, optimize and guide your internet marketing strategies!
  2. SEO Forum : Use our open forum. You can use this as an opportunity to share your links and make profits!, as many of you may already know, Product bannersis one of the world famous clothes stores. Now, they are giving you the opportunity to join them as affiliate, get linked to one of the world's leading online clothing retailers and earn commissions on every referred sale., an iconic retail brand, offers inventive American style. Clean, classic clothing and accessories help customers express their individual sense of style. Gap, which opened its first store more than 40 years ago, continues to build its brand presence around the world.

You place promotional links to them on your site. They'll pay you 4% on all regular priced merchandise and 2% on all sale merchandise for the sales you refer to their site on a monthly basis. You'll be paid on the 20th of each month, provided your CJ (Commission Junction) account exceeds CJ's Minimum Balance Amount, for transactions reported at the previous month. Their product banners look similar to the one at the right:

Getting approved here at as an affiliate is not a big deal either, as they don't require you to own a online store sort of web site. Any simple web site can link to them directly.

Once you've been approved, login to your account with Commission Junction (CJ), their affiliate program vendor, and click on Get Links. Then search for Gap links. You'll find the latest selection of their links here. Don't have to prepare the links all by yourself. Choose the ones that best matches your site design. Place them in the areas which can generate the most possible sales. Then just sit back and ride with success, as their brand name takes your revenue to new levels. currently is partnering with many other sites, like - Gap, GapKids, babyGap, etc. You can select as many sites as you want to affiliate. They will also help you to decide which link is most relevant to your business.


  1. Currently doesn't ship items outside of the United States.

    It means, if you own a web site, that's providing services to customers outside USA, then you can of course use their links. But as nobody outside US can buy their items, so you won't get paid.

    So to utilize them, you must have a web site, which is having at least a decent amount of US traffic.

  2. And of course, if you are a specialty clothing retailer, then you won't be eligible to be affiliates. Everybody wants to boost their own business, not their competitors', isn't it!

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  1. Picking the Wrong Product

    You probably should start with purchasing the product you're about to promote as you should be able to tell your readers everything they need to know about it.

  2. Know your target market

    Make your study as complete as possible. Use the Internet to conduct research.

  3. Invest in your education

    If you don't know how to do this, you must learn! Otherwise, you will mess up!

  4. Create focused campaigns

    Most of the newcomes fails in affiliate marketing, because they don't know what they are trying to achieve.
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