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Importance of SMS marketing

Mobile phones are nowadays practically used for just about anything. Consider the millions of people using SMS communications daily and the countless applications this technology can have. Now think about how easily and effectively it can be utilized as a means of executing a well-targeted marketing campaign.

Today over one billion of the world's four billion mobile phone users, use 'smartphones' and about 3 billion use phones that are SMS enabled. It is widely predicted, that in the coming year (2013) mobile internet usage will overtake desktop and laptop internet usage. A study pointed out that during this year over 60% of all local searches were done using mobile devices; as reported by

293 million Americans own a mobile phone. That means 293 million people are walking around America with a potential advertisement host in their pocket. While advertisers are busy trying to dominate offline or online marketing methods, the middle-ground of mobile marketing is often lost in the hustle and hype.

In order to keep up with changing consumer behaviors, creating a well designed mobile website with easy to read text, big buttons, easy navigation inclusive of geo-located maps is essential for the success of your business. SMS has delivered excellent response rates for a variety of companies that have added it to their marketing mix - in some cases over 20%! Here are 3 reasons why businesses should understand the importance of SMS marketing and employ the use of SMS marketing:

  1. Wide consumer base

    : SMS marketing can open your marketing campaign and customer service capabilities to a much wider audience.
  2. Mobile campaigns create the absolute fastest access to a customer acquisition. By having the campaign literally in their hands, customers are able to submit their information or make a purchase with a touch of a button during a work meeting, lunch with friends, at home in bed, or on a plane. The accessibility of mobile ads means less chance the customer will be distracted or diverted.
  3. At AdTech San Fransisco this year, a speaker even said that mobile content will be almost entirely advertiser supported.
  4. Widely accepted

    : According to the 2011 Mobile Marketing Association Forum, 96 percent of all SMS messages are read and 90 percent of them are read within 3 minutes. Consumers want to receive these messages. Once you have received patrons' numbers, send them invitations to special events, coupons and various offers.
  5. Quick and to the point

    : While 160 characters may seem like a limitation, it actually ensures that businesses maintain concise information in each text. Consumers are able to capitalize on the information provided in their quickly received message.
  1. Mobile coupons make it impossible for anyone to bypass a purchase because they don't have a printer or forgot a coupon. Take for instance Charlotte Russe's mobile campaign. In order to receive a free accessory with their purchase, all customers had to do was log onto Facebook mobile and "like" their FB page as they stood in line at the store. Don't have mobile? Charlotte Russe's campaign also allowed users to simply text in their Facebook like via standard SMS messaging.

SMS texting provides marketers the concise, instant gratification plug consumers are looking for. Marketers understand the importance of SMS marketing, and the need to be in a hurry has enveloped consumers to the extent that they demand the availability of SMS marketing. Businesses also understand that cell phones are the first piece of technology that users continuously have in their possession, making SMS marketing the quickest way to contact a consumer. Realizing the importance of SMS marketing and running with it, companies such as Ez Texting have made SMS marketing available to companies, so they too, can appeal to the large, instant satisfaction hungry, crowd.

Anyone who is a potential customer you'd want is engaged on their phone already. Whether through texting, work, social networking, or mobile internet browsing, there's so many different avenues to engage customers on a platform their already engaging themselves in.

SMS marketing services

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