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Role of SEO Experts

According to an iProspect survey, seven out of ten respondents said they clicked a search result within the first page of results, while 92% clicked a result within the first three pages of search results. [Source: iProspect via eMarketer, April 2008]

Gocompare was penalised by Google for boosting its search engine ranking by buying paid links. The company had a search term traffic share of 16% when it ranked number 1 for car insurance but that dropped to 2% during the penalty and is still less than 5%, even though it is ranking in the top 10. [Source: Hitwise, April 2008]

You may be new to online business. As with everybody, as a newcomer, you are bound to make mistakes. But only such a few mis-steps can make your business start lagging, even from the word go. So to further strengthen your grasp on search engines, consider this: if you do not know anything on the subject, you will be forced to hire someone to do the job for you, and this will cost you three times than what you are going to pay for the books. You also do not need to spend time in browsing those numerous web design sites offering the same advantage that a proper book and a training programme will give you.

There is higher competition in the web market, as most of the online businesse there possess their own portals. Therefore, the SEO Company plays a major role in increasing the value of the website as well as they ensure higher profits.

What SEO Experts can offer?

SEO professionals are the iconic "knowledge workers." The difference between a mediocre search engine optimizer and a true "expert" is potentially millions of hits. In order for you to offer the services provided by your organization, you need to explain about them first. This can be done effectively by a skilled SEO expert.

The steps to be taken by an SEO expert proves to be crucial in the promotion of a website. Determining the ways of increasing the search engine ranking of a website is the primal responsibility of any expert dealing with SEO services. Your website lacks publicity if it is not promoted well enough even though the services offered are excellent. The major aim of the SEO Company is to change the visitors of a particular website into their clients. Therefore, it will be beneficial to keep in touch with an ideal search engine optimization company as soon as you launch a new website. In fact, the SEO Experts are well known for providing excellent and effective service for the website owners too.

The common roles played by SEO experts for your website, can be categorized as :

  1. SEO professionals offer a transparent approach to search engine marketing.
  2. Proactive in making recommendations or improvements.
  3. Structured approach to keyphrase research - identify the potential volume of visitors for each keyword.
  4. Best practice knowledge across many industries.
  5. Unsurpassed technical skills.
  6. Passionate and dedicated to improving search engine marketing.
  7. Openly describe the industry leading strategies and techniques to approach SEO.
  8. Work on an exclusive basis for particular marketing areas and countries.

Importance of SEO

SEO tips and tricks

  1. Why to Optimise for Search Engines?
    You have already created a great web site, now, why to optimize that? Find out here...
  2. Where does the "SEO Experts" come in?
  3. Are the Experts required?
    It costs you more than buying a book to learn the inner workings of SEO. Is it actually required for you to hire someone else for the job?
  4. How Search Engines work?
  5. Avoid the spam tricks
  6. SEO for Small Businesses

SEO means finding ways to increase your site's appearance in web visitors' search results. SEO is basically a collection of SEO tips and tricks on how to SEO your website, to gain more traffic from search engines such as Google, Microsoft and Yahoo.

There are certain methods, outside the general rules and regulations of SEO, that can make your website talk to the search engines.

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