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SEO techniques

Increasing SEO is a game of patience. You are not going to realize a major change in your traffic overnight. It can take a lot of time if you are new to this. It is no different than having a brick and mortar store. It will take some time to create name recognition. The main rule of SEO is to implement the seo techniques to make them long term. Even though search engine optimization can be very perplexing for even experts, it doesn’t have to be closed off for the beginner. You can utilize different SEO techniques and strategies by following the advice here. It may be even easier than you think.

In recent months there has been a lot of focus on SEO techniques, considering all the changes that Google has made to its search engine ranking criteria. With all the changes, SEO firms and companies might be wondering what these changes mean and what they should be concentrating on the most. More now than ever people are wondering what makes good SEO and which practices should be put above all others.

Even though there are many new SEO methods that you should include in the marketing of your website, there are a few tried and tested SEO techniques that you should stick by such as the ones mentioned below:
  1. On page SEO
  2. Off page SEO


On page SEO

On Page Search Engine Optimization has been around the longest, since the begining of search engines. Search engines used simpler less sophisticated technology a few years ago, and the world wide web was alot smaller. At the time "ON Page" SEO Worked years ago, and it was basically an easy comparison. As the World Wide Web grew larger and larger it became more difficult for search engines to differentiate between your site and other sites. A search on "Autos" may return 100 million + pages that have the word "Auto" on it. So Off Page SEO began to take off as the world wide web and search engines grew in complexitiy.

Keep in mind that when optimizing each web page you will have to use readable formats. This is usually HTML, since the search engines cannot search through other file types, such as PDF or Power Point. If it is necessary to use documents on the web page with a different format, then at least make up catchy titles which contain your keywords. Another thing to be considered is that too many links on each page will be seen negatively by the search engine and then you will be placed lower and not higher. You have to keep the number of links on each page under fifty. A search engine will also look to see how often links are repeated throughout the entire website. Once all this has been kept in mind, the on page SEO should be successful.

Off page SEO

If you want to better your rank in search engines, then off page SEO is the most important factor you should consider. Off page SEO is the same as content/affiliate marketing. You create new content every day or two on your blog. You have a lot of great content on your site, and all based around certain long tailed keywords. But still you need some link building and off page seo with tools like the Best Spinner and Article Marketing Robot. You need to know how to spin content and make it readable (using the Best Spinner tool or whatever tool you have). Then you need to take those articles and post them on social networks to get some initial traffic and backlinks. You must be experienced with post penguin SEO because you don't want any harm done to your site.

SEO techniques

Ethical SEO techniques

  1. Black hat SEO techniques
  2. White hat SEO techniques
  3. Effective SEO techniques
    The simplest and most effective SEO techniques which you can implement on your site without hassle.
  4. SEO to increase traffic
    The best ways to increase traffic is by using informational content with targeted keyword phrases. Still many other fators should be highly considered for SEO to increase traffic.
  5. PPC vs SEO
  6. How to succeed in SEO
    Knowing how to succeed in SEO and what the most common hurdles to SEO are, before starting a project, can help prevent problems before they occur.
  7. Encourage incoming links
  1. On page SEO
    1. Content for SEO
    2. Duplicate content and SEO
    3. Meta keywords SEO
    4. Check keyword density
    5. Optimize keywords
    6. Meta description SEO
    7. Title tag SEO
  2. Off page SEO
    1. Internal link building
    2. Incoming links
    3. Link building strategy
    4. Organic link building
    5. Optimizing url structure
    6. URL rewriting
    7. URL rewriting using session
  3. SEO for mixed media
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