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Optimizing url structure

If you want your website to rank well then your URL of website must be related to the context of the website. For optimizing url structure, a simple and clear URL structure is much easier for both search engine spiders and human beings. Ideally, the URL structures should be static, and reveal what the page is about.

Static URL’s that contain keywords will often rank better than dynamic URL’s that don’t contain any keywords. Additionally, the keywords in URL can enhance CTR, and will be bolded in SERPs.
  1. Static URL

  2. Dynamic URL


Problem with dynamic pages is load time. A dynamically generated URL comes from web pages that are generated from scripts, which put together page content from a database or multiple files “on the fly” by a server, when a user asks to see a webpage.

Search engines have become increasingly better at crawling more complex URLs. If you have a database-driven site that generates URLs with a lot of parameters, it might not. "It [a URL] could have one, two, three or more parameters," Matt Cutts, a software engineer at Google, stated at a recent Search Engine Strategies conference. "The more there are, the more hesitant Google will be to crawl those pages."

To make the URLs more search engine friendly for optimizing url structure, make sure that the server is delivering pages to both site visitors and search engines as quickly as possible. Second, have a look at the URL structure to see if the number of parameters can be minimized. Always try to follow the below rules to make your URL structure more friendly for the search engines :
  1. Keep it simple

    : Your URL structure should be straightforward and easy to comprehend. It should describe what is on the page in a way that makes sense to both people and bots alike. Use words instead of numbers whenever possible. For example, include a brand or product name instead of an inventory or catalog number. This is not only more palatable for users, but also makes it easier for the team that builds and maintains your site. You should be able to accurately predict what will be on a page by its URL alone.
  2. Use hyphens for punctuation

    : Use keyphrases and real words - avoid shortened or meaningless words like /prod/ and /og/. If you are using phrases with multiple words, Google recommends separating them with hyphens (-). For example, “chocolate-cake” instead of “chocolatecake.” While it is not wrong to leave the two words smooshed together without any punctuation, it is easier for crawlers and users to process. Likewise, you could also use underscores (_) or pluses (+), but there is no discernible benefit, and it makes far more sense to do what the world’s primary search engine suggests.
  1. Limit the number of directory levels from the domain name to the file, avoid unnecessary folders
  2. Limit the overall length of the URL, avoid unnecessary words and characters
  3. Use lowercase

    : While you can use both upper and lowercase letters in any web address, the URL is case sensitive and capitalization of certain letters will muck things up considerably. Most users think in terms of lowercase when it comes to web site addresses and emails, so it is the safest bet in terms of what they will remember and actually type.
  4. Avoid session IDs and other session based parameters in URLs

    1. The Spider always finds a different URL. It can’t find the URL with the original session id. This new url which contains a different session id, appears as a duplicate page, and Google assigns zero importance. Then, the Googlebot goes looking to crawl the original page, and gets an error message.
    2. Everyone linking to your page will be linking to a different URL. All the Inbound links will be different because everyone has separate session id’s. This is undesirable. You need links to get a page to rank.
  5. Avoid having more than 2-3 name/value pairs in dynamic URL strings
  6. Rewrite dynamic URLs into 'clean' or static URLs wherever possible

SEO techniques

Ethical SEO techniques

  1. Effective SEO techniques
    The simplest and most effective SEO techniques which you can implement on your site without hassle.
  2. Black hat SEO techniques
  3. White hat SEO techniques
  4. SEO to increase traffic
    The best ways to increase traffic is by using informational content with targeted keyword phrases. Still many other fators should be highly considered for SEO to increase traffic.
  5. VKontakte advertising
    Having your content reposted on Vkontakte is strongly correlated with SEO performance than all traditional SEO methods.
  6. PPC vs SEO
  7. How to succeed in SEO
    Knowing how to succeed in SEO and what the most common hurdles to SEO are, before starting a project, can help prevent problems before they occur.
  8. Encourage incoming links
  1. On page SEO
    1. Content for SEO
    2. Duplicate content and SEO
    3. Meta keywords SEO
    4. Check keyword density
    5. Optimize keywords
    6. Meta description SEO
    7. Title tag SEO
  2. Off page SEO
    1. Internal link building
    2. Incoming links
    3. Link building strategy
    4. Organic link building
    5. Optimizing url structure
    6. URL rewriting
    7. URL rewriting using session
  3. SEO for mixed media

VKontakte advertising

FREE service to make updating your social networks a snap!
According to SEO experts, sharing engaging content in social networks like VKontakte - correlates with higher search rankings much more than traditional SEO techniques. Apart from VK share, another side of VKontakte advertising that startups should use as much as possible - is "Reposts".

An advantage of reposts over VK share is : it exposes the original VK post to the larger audience - along with the VK user who originally posted it. VK share doesn't expose the poster. Thus "Reposts" can bring a hell lot of social influencers to your Vkontakte profile - boosting your brand's reputation accross the Vkontakte network.

Of course, you need to actually post links to your content in Vkontakte. If you're not sharing links to your content, how is anyone going to repost them? You won't gain any benefit from relying on just your users to link to your content. In fact, you should probably link to individual blog posts 2-3 times in the days following publication. More exposure at different times reaches different segments of the audience. It's up to you, though, to figure out when the best times to make those VK posts are.

  1. SEO techniques | Published | Share me
    This section is dedicated to provide new articles from around the web - on more interesting SEO techniques. We encourage our users to post their knowledge - or any links on the same - that they feel can contribute to the community. Do not hesitate to post your own website - if that relates to any SEO techniques.

Search engine optimization is a tricky area of business that all organizations with any kind of online remit need to spend time getting to understand. Social bookmarking is an area of SEO that causes a huge amount of confusion and head scratching. Social bookmarking websites such as Share me and VKontakte - can in fact be very powerful platforms that contribute positively to an SEO campaign.

  1. VK post
    Many global brands like Coca-Cola and Samsung actively use VK in their marketing plans which can be easily tracked through the platforms analytics - Socialbakers. Get Free Followers can help your VK Post reach millions of VK users, without needing you to spend much time on it! This is also a FREE service.

In fact reposting others' contents is also as important as getting reposts for your own! Repost for other people looks like doing promotion for them. Why shall you do that? There are some reasons and take advantage of reposting. When you repost for an individual, you are attracting him to notice you in a really welcomed manner. Unlike most of the other Vkontakte users that attempt to repost as significantly as possible in order to entice their fans to read their posts. Repost for a person who have not yet followed you on VK will possibly entice him to become your follower.

  1. Pick the style that matches your audience best.
  2. Don't ignore mentions. React in a positive manner.
  3. Repost others to increase your following.
  4. Share knowledge from different sources that align with your business values.
  5. Be creative. Don't be afraid to repost VK posts that will make your followers smile.

Google is prioritizing quality these days. It is so important that, Get Free Followers also rewards you with some coins for reposting other users' Vkontakte posts - just to encourage it.

Sharing and getting your content reposted on Vkontakte and getting people to engage with it is much more strongly correlated with SEO performance than all traditional SEO methods save one: the number of backlinks. The reason being - quality of those backlinks. Within search results, information tied to verified online profiles will be ranked higher than content without such verification, which will result in most users naturally clicking on the top (verified) results. The true cost of remaining anonymous, then, might be irrelevant.



Vine ideas

  1. Follow on Diigo
    You need do nothing more than write good articles to court future followers. Still, you'll need a tool like Get Free Followers - which will promote your Diigo profile to a large userbase!
  2. Diigo Bookmarking
    They have educator accounts specifically geared towards getting K-12 teachers to use their service, so they have lots of educators who view and share their bookmarks. This is also what most of our users are!
  3. Delicious bookmarking
    Delicious brings a powerful community aspect to social bookmarking. Make the most out of this!
    1. Delicious Bookmarks
      It is more than just a bookmark site - it's a social bookmarking site - means there's a focus on sharing along with storing.
    2. Delicious Subscription
      Start following your friends and family. If you find great links / content, follow them. Everyone might reciprocate and follow back. Or, let Get Free Followers do the job for you!
  1. Revine king
    You should always look for a lot of people to watch your videos, expanding your reach within the Vine network. However, this is only possible if there are people who actually view your page and share your videos. In Vine, this is done by getting Revines.
  2. Free Vine Followers
  3. I want to be famous Vine
    There are lots of reasons for why should you boost Vine comments that amalgamate into a super-huge reason that is to make you famous on Vine! This will actually help you lead your clip to be included in the Famous page and build a stronger Profile on Vine.
  4. How to get Vine Likes?
    Use Get Free Followers to receive safe and guaranteed Vine Likes.
  5. How to get more Loops on Vine?
    One Vine Loop is equal to one view from a particular IP address. Every Vine channel that has ever been started has always had the same problem: No loops! Everyone starts at zero. It languishes in mediocrity ... unless it gets a boost from our Vine Loops service!
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