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Multi-variate split testing

Multi-variate split testingA more complex test, the multi-variate split testing allows you to test multiple page variables at one time. Unlike simple A-B split testing, multi-variate split testing can essentially test endless variable combinations. There are two principal approaches used to achieve multivariate testing on websites:
  1. Page tagging

    : It is the process where the website creator inserts Javascript into the site to inject content variants and monitor visitor response. This typically tracks what a visitor viewed on the website and for how long that visitor remained on the site together with any click or conversion related actions performed. Page tagging is often done by a technical team rather than the online marketer who designs the test and interprets the results in the light of usability analysis.
  2. Establishing DNS-proxy

    : By establishing a DNS-proxy or hosting within a website's own datacenter, it is possible to intercept and process all web traffic to and from the site undergoing testing, insert variants and monitor visitor response. In this case, all logic sits server rather than browser-side and after initial DNS changes are made, no further technical involvement is required from the website point of view. SiteSpect is known to employ this method of implementation.

There is no doubt that multi-variate split testing has the potential to give you the biggest bang for your testing buck. Multivariate algorithms also tell you what things on the page are causing the most influence on your effectiveness. Powerful information for further testing. Perhaps the most compelling advantage of multi-variate split testing is that the algorithm automatically determines the best page design for you. Several methods in use for multivariate testing include:
  1. Discrete choice

    Discrete choice and what has mutated to become choice modeling is the complex technique that won Daniel McFadden the Nobel Prize in Economics in 2000. Choice modeling models how people make tradeoffs in the context of a purchase decision. By systematically varying the attributes or content elements, one can quantify their impact on outcome, such as a purchase decision. What is most important are the interaction effects uncovered, which neither the Taguchi methods nor Optimal design solve for..
  2. Taguchi method

    This is a variety of multi-variate split testing method created by Genichi Taguchi. This is the testing technique that propelled the Japanese automakers to dominate the world market. His testing method is divided in 3 different tactics:
    1. The loss function
    2. The off-line quality control philosophy
    3. Innovation in the design of experiment
  1. The Taguchi Method is a special type of multi-variate split testing that can cut short the long time period that it takes to simple A-B split test all the elements on a web page. It can be confusing for any marketing beginner and even for some advanced marketers.

    It actually would take me a whole book to explain it in detail... But, in internet marketing using the Taguchi Method is when you plan your marketing test by understanding the real function of your ad, product or website, and the goal you want to achieve. You can apply this data into the multi-variables or factors of your site, page or ad that will be changed for the testing and tracking experiment. If you want a complete explanation about this go to the Taguchi Method page at Wikipedia.

  2. Optimal design

    Optimal design involves iterations and waves of testings. Optimal design allows marketers the ability not only to test the maximum number of creative permutations in the shortest period of time but also to take into account relationships, interactions, and constraints across content elements on a website. This allows one to find the optimal solution unencumbered by limitations.

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