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How to write press release?

Wondering how to write press release? Write for the editors you're trying to reach traditionally, as well as the search engines. Once released over the wire, optimized releases help you get ranked in News search engines such as Google or Yahoo! News.

Since it is updated with fresh, new releases and articles less than 30 days old, the right target audience will find your relevant release with keyword-rich copy. Editors looking for new fodder or information for a story may contact you as a source, or for fresh content, solely based on your press release being properly optimized and relevant. However, make sure the press release is well written, to the point and easy to understand. Avoid hyperbole and jargon that outsiders might find it hard to understand.
  1. Headline

    : You must have a catchy headline or else, no one aside from the search engines will read it. If you want the most from your efforts, include at least one relevant keyword phrase that people search for.
  2. Copy

    : Mention the keywords of focus for the release within the first paragraph.
  3. Linking

    : Many press release distribution companies allow you to include keyword-rich anchor text in links. These links should be directed to specific URLs within your Web site that, ideally, have a title tag, header tag, and content that supports this same keyword phrase. There's great SEO value in having links on other Web sites linking to you, using keywords that you'd like to rank for within the anchor text of the link.

  1. Tags

    : Many distribution partners allow you to tag your press release with keywords that you'd like to have this release associated with.

As touched on earlier, optimized press releases also offer the benefit of targeting your audience. Millions of visitors, including journalists searching for a story, search Yahoo! and Google News daily. Effective press releases build brand awareness with your customers, target new ones and continue to build your reputation. If you want to know how to write press release that is well targeted, follow the normal process for writing a release with the following additions:
  1. Keyword rich content

    : Add keywords to the press release to create keyword rich content:
    1. Add keywords to your H1 header tag
    2. Insert your main keyword in the title of the press release (preferably as the first word for better SEO)
    3. Add keywords strategically within your press release copy
    4. Add keywords in links back to your site
  1. Add video or an image

    : One trick you can use a lot is to include a video in the release then insert the title of the video inside an h2 tag. The video itself is a powerful way to increase a release’s ranking and when you add an h2 tag you’ll get maximum value.
  2. Make sure your optimize the first 250 words of your content
  3. Research keywords for your target audience/subject matter
  4. Make sure density levels are appropriate (I recommend an 8-15% overall density)
  5. Write a press release that won’t get rejected

    : When you first start writing press releases you may well have a few of them get rejected. Check your articles if you used the word ‘you’ in the content. This is a common mistake! A press release is a newsworthy document which should be written in the third-person voice so you want to avoid using the words ‘you’ – ‘me’ or ‘our’.

Optimized releases have the added benefit of driving potential clients to you. Your chosen keywords drive traffic to your site and build market exposure for your product or service.

Beyond the distribution sites, don't forget to include your releases on your own site. Journalists like being able to find the most up to date information from the source itself. There are some companies' that own press centers are holding back some marketing opportunities for them. Your site should have a section for press releases, and that should be up to date with the latest release when it goes out. You'd be surprised at how often these go without being updated even when a press release has been spotted elsewhere. It is also a good idea to link to any company blogs, Twitter accounts, or any other place where company announcements are made.

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