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Tips for keyword optimization

Tips for keyword optimization are important in generating Traffic through search engine or other sources. It is the process of finding or analyzing the search parameters such as search volume in order to get the best keyword list or phrases for your content. It forms an integral part of search engine optimization. Below is a few special tips for keyword optimization for you:
  1. Use keyword variations

    : Not every potential visitor will use the same keyword or phrase to find what they’re looking for. It’s important to dedicate each page on your website to a single, targeted keyword phrase, but you need some variety and balance. This will help you stay relevant to more people, and avoid repetitive content. Focusing on relevant keywords and phrases will also help Google rank your page based on subject matter, rather than solely on keyword density.
  2. Long tail keywords

    : This refers to the expansion of a general search term, which pulls up more specific, targeted results in SERPs. E.g., “red shoes” might sound perfect for your content, because your company sells red shoes. But type “red shoes” in Google. Proper long tail keywords optimization would lead you to find that long tail keyword phrase, “buy red tennis shoes” is more appropriate, because this is exactly what your page is about. Your company wants to sell red tennis shoes (not share the history of red shoes). Long tail keywords are better guarantee that your content will

    1. be relevant to searchers,
    2. show up in the top search results on Google, and
    3. drive more targeted, better quality traffic.
  1. Consider your users

    : The very first thing you should do when developing keyword phrases to get web traffic is to think like your users. You should make a list of words you believe your users would use to find your website. For example, let’s say you own a furniture store in Miami and that you want to market your products online. Try to imagine that you are your potential customer. What keywords would you use to find your store?

    Chances are you would use keyword phrases like “furniture store” or “Miami furniture store”. While these keyword phrases are a good beginning, you will want to be more detailed. Make a list of all the keywords that come to mind and then expand upon your phrases. Instead of using the word “store”, be creative and use similar words like “shop” or “retailer”. Instead of just using the word “furniture”, be specific on the type of product you sell and use phrases like “leather couch” and “dining room table”. Also, if you sell brand names, specify it by using a keyword phrase such as “Bosch kitchen appliances”.

    You can effectively increase website hits by simply expanding on your keyword phrases. Additionally, by being more specific with your keywords, you will have a keen advantage over your competitors who may be targeting generic search terms.
  1. Target a specific geographic location

    : Among all the tips for keyword optimization, this is very simple that will help you immensely as you try to increase web traffic. As you are developing your keyword phrases, remember to include the location of your business. If you live in a very populous city, make a list of the specific regions you service. For instance, if your business is in Los Angeles, think on a smaller scale and list areas like: West Los Angeles, Santa Monica, San Fernando Valley or Mid-Wilshire. Using the furniture store example, simply append the geographic location and utilize keyword phrases such as “West Los Angeles furniture store” or “Santa Monica kitchen appliances.”
  2. Think 4 words

    : Research shows that the most effective keyword phrases consist of 4 words. In fact, in a recent study by One up web - new rules of SEO - Oneupweb, it was revealed that higher conversion rates stem from longer keyword phrases . The firm discovered that websites conversion rates increased based upon the length of the keyword phrase being used, but ultimately peaked at 4 words. It is also known that users who type in 1-2 keywords tend to browse through the search results, whereas users who search for 4 keywords are more serious about their inquiry and will be more likely to click on natural listings. When you are developing your keyword phrases, you should stick to four specific words that identify your line of business, your product and the areas you service.
  3. Don’t quit

    : Keyword optimization – and SEO in general – is not a one-time fixer-upper. You need to consistently be analyzing your keywords and phrases to make sure they continue to be relevant to your visitors. Things change, people change the way they search for what they want, and you need to stay current, relevant, interesting and valuable at all times.

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