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Typos for SEO

Typos for SEO"Ywes Saint Laurent" has an approximate search volume in coming months merely reaching 22 searches. "Yves Saint Lauren" without the t in the end has about 900 monthly searches. Thus if you don't use typos for SEO in your website you could be losing out on traffic that is legitimately looking for your business.

People's, like myself, inability to spell correctly can thus benefit your website. Doing the above trick, the number of visitors you get is may be not more than 50 but it is a heck of a lot more than if you would have corrected that accidental typo. Try listing some common typos related to your website niche and research their potential traffic volume with Google's Adwords Keyword Tool. If you want traffic now and not endure the potentially long and time consuming period of SEO - misspelling may get you high rankings on frequently searched keywords tomorrow.

A search engine search field is filled with many different errors that people repeatedly will type in by accident when search for some of the largest brands in the world. I do it almost every day. Mix up characters, type in the wrong characters or completely misspell stuff. There are ways to really capitalize on this error. In fact, if you are a brand that is many different misspellings occurring during the search process it will be important for you to try and go after these misspellings because you could be missing out on a great deal of traffic.

Ranking by typos for SEO has become a fairly common concept, but there are three specific methods to generate typos and to make them more effective.
  1. Do you habitually misspell a word? (For me, it’s caffiene.) Odds are, others do, too. Use WordTracker to generate a keyword list based on the proper spelling and use find/replace. Congratulations, you’ve just created your own sub-niche!
  2. Can’t remember how to spell something? Take your best guess - then jot down your inadvertent misspelling. (Ridiculous numbers of people are trying to buy expresso machines.)
  3. The simple transposition of letters due to typos. When you’re typing fast and you flub a word, make a note of it. (You'll be surprized to see #1 ranking misspellings born by this at times.)

As mentioned there are quite a few typo generators available to try such as Typo Trap. However if you’re an automation junkie like myself and are actually looking for a nice list you should try this...
  1. Open Microsoft Word on your computer
  2. Click Tools.
  3. Click Autocorrect Options
  4. Look towards the bottom of the dialog box

Microsoft was kind enough to provide a nice big list of the most common misspellings and typos in the English language! The downside? No mass select or copy and paste on the list. Yeah bummer right?! Try going to the Microsoft page at: "HOW TO: Move Word AutoCorrect Entries Between Computers in Word 2000", and getting the macro utility. Export your autocorrect db using the macro utility and then see what happens when you open it up in a text editor.

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