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Trade network
Trade network platforms are online networks where retail traders share investment information and, in some cases, automatically copy strategies of top-ranked peers. In other words, social trading is the process through which online financial investors rely on user generated financial content gathered from various Web 2.0 applications as the major information source for making financial decisions.

It is not just about copying. Part of the attraction is that it provides a large pool of free crowdsourced information from investors all over the world. A trader in China, for instance, could have very specific knowledge about Chinese consumer stocks that could benefit a trader in the UK with more knowledge about G10 currencies.

Trading statistics show that 81% of trade network platform users share their complete portfolio and trading activity.

Social trading provides a rich environment for you to thrive. The platforms give you access to tons of important and synthesized information you would need a lot of experience and knowledge to acquire otherwise. Through the perpetual data stream, social trading allows you to enter trades and make financial decisions without necessarily possessing the knowledge required to make the right moves. Social trading is the ultimate weapon for the new trader.
On the other hand, if you're an experienced trader, you might want to help others and give back to the community. You can easily do it via trade network platforms where you can be sure that the information you provide will be read by people who will use and appreciate it.

I am a social trading pro - have been doing social trading using trade network platforms successfully for around 2 years now. Have seen so many sites throughout the web offering you to trade socially. Every sites has their pros and cons. Considering all these, I found eToro the most useful. Below we write down their pros and cons:

eToro : Your Social Investment Network


  1. ZERO PREMIUM per position. Well they make money from the spreads - so they don't need this - explained by their customer service once.
  2. Minimum amount to start a position is as low as $25. Tha's the lowest I have seen in all the sites.
  3. Flexible leverage. You can tweak the leverage from 5 to 400 - that's something really surprised me. The more the leverage - higher the profits. On the other hand - you can decrease it to make safe trading.
  4. Social trading and news feed. This is pretty unique feature of eToro. You can get connected to leading investors around the world, post your predictions, or follow others - just like any other social networking platforms.
  5. Account verification. eToro is a CFD trading website (more on this on some other page). You must be verified before you withdraw any money to your bank account. In other CFD trading sites - it's very difficult to get yourself verified. But you can get it done in eToro almost immediately.


  1. They charge some withdrawal fees - though pretty small. You can take out all the profits to your bank account - but deducting that fee. Plus any charge if your bank deducts any fees for deposit from cross-currencies.
  2. Mandatory stop loss. Sometimes you would want to keep the trade open - in case the security doesn't move the expected way - but this you can't do here. All you need to do is watch your positions all the time and keep decreasing the stop loss once it starts moving the opposite way. If you take your eyes of it - it can end up in losses anytime. Keep watching it - so that it doesn't.
  3. Not all securities are available. Though that doesn't really affect you - as most of the securities that KEEP MOVING - you get all those here. In case you need them to enlist a new security - you can request their customer service.

Social trading and social networks


Social trading on trade network platforms gives you the unique opportunity to get information about the market from other interested parties. You can trade in collaboration with them or simply use the provided data for your own trades - that's entirely up to you. Social trading works on the basis of social networking. Just like Facebook is a platform that connects you, your family and your friends at all times, trade networks provide a nurturing environment where novice and veteran traders can exchange data, strategies, methods and ideas.


The main difference is that trade network platforms focus on the trading instead of the social aspect of the person's online and offline activity. Just like in Facebook, there is a lot of information about you contained in your profile. However, unlike Facebook, the information is not focus on you as a person, but on you as a trader. In most platforms you can easily check out an investor's portfolio and see if they are successful or not, how much they've made in the past and what their niche is. Social trading is based on the constant free flow of information on the network. Just like your Facebook feed allows you to see what your friends have been up to and keep you up to date, so do trading sites feeds inform you about what other traders are doing and how they are investing. They often share vital information and help you make advised decisions based on that information. Similarly to Facebook, not everything is true - sometimes people misinterpret data, and sometimes they just lie for their own personal gain (whatever it may be). That's why it's critical to check a trader's profile before you decide that you want to listen to their advice.

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