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Elliott wave trader

Here's one of the big advantages of being an Elliott wave trader: you can increase your understanding of how current price action relates to the market's larger trend. Other tools fall short in this regard. Looking at all of the glossy ads promoting analysis software, educational courses, seminars, workshops, newsletters, past gurus, new gurus, astrologers etc. you could be forgiven for thinking that taking profits out of markets is simply about something called 'forecasting'.

All you need to do, apparently, is pay your money and you too can forecast with such amazing accuracy that you'll be able to trade on the hoof for just an hour a day as you travel from beach resort to, er...beach resort. Yes, it's really you on the lounger by the pool in that promo!

Strangely enough, trading is not like that. Professional traders have nothing but disdain for the hype and misinformation peddled largely by those catering to the masses of private traders. 'Professional' doesn't mean 'permanently making money', by the way. It has a lot more to do with the crucial elements of trading often never even mentioned in the ads and promos. 'Professional' is more an alternative for 'controlling risk'.

If you are new to Elliott wave theory, it must be very hard for you to get comfortable with that. So to make it a little bit easier, we have jotted down a few tricks that can help you while trading with it. Your feedbacks are welcome:

  1. The best way to be an Elliott wave trader is to draw numbers 1 through 5 on your chart and then guess where the market will go next. If you are wrong, draw A,B,C's or just erase the 1-5's and start somewhere else. It also helps to be arrogant about the entire process. Remember Elliott wave traders are never wrong, they just relabel.

    Before you attempt to beat the odds, be sure you can survive the odds beating you.

  2. As for the elliott wave traders, you can't really use it to actually predict a future price move. you can use them to analyze past movements though and possibly get a feel for how the currency works. Remmeber, as with all patterns, it will NOT always do the same thing every time. thats not how the market works.
  1. And you can use Elliot Wave Theory to predict what kind of day you are going to have ... :-) A lot of people give up on Elliott Wave principle because it takes a long, long time to begin to get competent at counting them waves.

    I like to think of EWT (and it is only my personal gesture) as a roadmap that prices must use to reach their destination. Without a roadmap, the number of paths would be huge. With a roadmap, that number is greatly reduced. As with a roadmap, when you get to a junction you have a choice of which road to take, only in the case of price, you can't go backwards (i.e. go back in time).

    Like most methodologies, the Elliott wave traders don't eliminate uncertainty (wouldn't that have been great!!!), it just reduces it quite a lot (if used properly). As Jack Schwager who interviewed the top traders for "Market Wizards" and "New Market Wizards" said, "It really doesn't matter which paradigm you use, there are many that work. You just have to find one that suits you and use it consistently."

  2. You are not always right in your count, but you can set up some very high probability trades if you know how to, with very limited risk, even when your count is wrong.

    Plan is that you keep a preferred and an alternate count. At certain points in the market you can trade like a "straddle" style trade and almost 100% guarantee to win the trade. One thing is you can use it more for swing trading though, as it is also very reliable in telling when the markets are turning.

  3. Alteration rule

    1. If Wave Two is a simple correction, expect Wave Four to be a complex correction.
    2. If Wave Two is a complex correction, expect Wave Four to be a simple correction.

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