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Market timing

To buy Satyam after it was rescued from the brink of bankruptcy before anyone knew what those words meant, you had to have a huge level of confidence in your ability to read the trends in society and the economy. Satyam has of course gained momentum from its share-price of around 20, and reached 100's within only a few months timeframe. But to bet on it from its lows of 20's, you must had to be confident enough on its management, and should have had good enough knowledge on what a stock-fundamental is all about. If its management wasn't that good enough, it could have been lagging behind in the market for long.

Investors profit by recognizing new trends in the economy and buying into them before the majority wakes up to opportunities. A knowledgeable investor can earn huge percentage gains by holding his position without being terribly active. Investing requires a great deal of patience and an immense supply of self-confidence.

Given recent market events, you may be wondering whether you should make changes to your investment portfolio. While we can't tell you how to manage your investment portfolio during a volatile market, before you make any decision, time your investments. All of us are smart after the fact; very few are smart early in the game, and only the tiniest percentage has the emotional strength to make a large bet on their vision and hold on to it. Those who can do this consistently, like Warren Buffett or Peter Lynch, are hailed as Superstars.


The short term approach of investing offers opportunities to realize capital gains not only by means of trend analysis, but also through short-term investing devices that amplify potential gains given the amount invested. One of these techniques is leveraging, which is often implemented by something called margin.

Margin is simply the use of borrowed money to make a trade. Say you had $5,000 to invest: you could, instead of simply investing this amount, open a margin account and receive an additional, say, $5,000 to invest. This would give you a total of $10,000 with which to make a trade. So, if you invested in a stock that returned 25%, your $10,000 investment turns into $12,500. Now, when you pay back the original $5,000, you'd be left with $7,500 (we'll assume interest charges are zero), giving you a $2,500 profit or a return of 50%. Had you invested only $5,000, your profit would've been only $1,250. In other words, margin doubled your return.

However, as the upside potential is exacerbated, so is the downside risk. If the above investment instead experienced a 25% decline, you would have suffered a loss of 50%, and if the investment experienced a 50% decline, you would've lost 100%. You may have already guessed that, with leveraging, a trader can lose more than his or her initial investment! As such it is a trading tool that should be used only by experienced traders who are skilled at the art of market timing entry into and exit from investments. Also, since margin is borrowed money, the less time you take to pay it back, the less interest you pay on it. If you take a long time to try to reap profits from a trade, the cost of leveraging can eat into your overall return.


As you gain more education and experience as an investor, you may become curious about the different ways to reach returns. It is important to be willing to learn about different strategies and approaches, but it is equally important to know what suits your personality, skills and risk tolerance. You may have guessed that active trading is best suited to those who are committed to taking control over their portfolio and pursuing their goals quickly and aggressively. All of this requires a willingness to not only take risks, but also keep up skills and efficiency. If this sounds like you, it may be time to start learning more!

The moto is - learn the basics of market timing. Even experienced traders, with smallest of basic knowledge can win the game here.
So be patient. Try to figure out what actually is going on. Is there a turn-around possible? Have good enough research done before you can actually get on with your investment.

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    To buy Satyam after it was rescued from brink of bankruptcy, you had to have huge confidence in your ability to read trends.
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  5. How to promote Youtube Videos?
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