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  1. Monetizing Social Media : Find out how social media can also be a great money making tool.
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Make Money using Social Networking

Not only will you have a ton of fun and make new friends but you have the opportunity to advertise for free. Advertising in a social network can be much more effective than other methods online because people tend to be more receptive to a familiar face.

To make good use of the capabilies the social networks can provide to your business, try to follow a few golden rules :

  1. Design a professional looking profile

    Most social networks give you the opportunity to design your profile page. You should think of your profile page as your calling card. Your objective is to create a professional and well designed image for you and your business. Your photo should be a nice head shot or you can use a company logo. Take the time to write a professional "about me" section. Share some information about your business and your experience.

  2. Use it to find customers directly

    You can use the idea of "birds of a feather flock together" to arrange the best social networking. If you are selling a new kind of bread, you will want to find social networks of food lovers.

  1. It goes back to the philosophy long held by offline business people. And that is: to make friends with your potential customers, gain their trust, and become an acquaintance, instead of a salesman.

    Also, people who continually try to sell you something, even during social engagements, appear to be desperate and/or greedy and self-centered. Being friendly and in the service of others, results in sales, eventually.

  2. Join communities and spread the word

    You can use the blogs and bulletins to inform other members what products or services you have available. Spend some time joining or creating groups to interact with other members in the social network. Make sure you visit the forums, you can learn quite abit there. Use all the social networking features to your advantage. Most importantly socialize and have fun with other members in the community.
  1. Find new ideas

    You can use social networking to find new ideas for your business. For instance, if someone in your network needs something you can provide but don't as of yet, you could consider it as an additional money-maker in the future.

Using advertising to monetize the online communication stream is the next logical step in the evolution of social media. Advertisers are an integral part of these types of websites/services to keep membership free. While some may believe that sponsored “thoughts” in the social media mainstream cheapens the authenticity of instant reactions and thoughts from the world’s population, others appreciate the fact that time spent doing something they love can earn them money. Staying open and honest about the advertising you do decide to post on your social media profiles will help your audience continue to respect your online presence.

And finally, over-saturation of advertising on any communication medium isn’t appreciated. Try to keep the ratio of original to sponsored social media posts to at least 4:1 (or more), and make your original posts worth the time it takes to read (and click on) the sponsored ones.

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    Advertising in a social network can be more effective than other methods because people tend to be more receptive to a familiar face.
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