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Do share

Do shareThere are plenty of services that lets you schedule your Twitter and Facebook Posts. Do share is a Google Chrome App that allows you to schedule your Google+ posts. It is a shame that Buffer doesn't allow you to share to Google+. But Do share allows you to do exactly that. Firstly, you may ask what the point is in sharing to Google+ at all? Well, according to a recent report, Google+ is actually the 2nd biggest social network after Facebook! As well as that, Google is taking into account who you are (i.e. authorship) much more seriously in search results and will be using AuthorRank as one of the factors in ranking your web pages. It might still be early days for Google+, but my advice is to start now – even if you only share one or two posts a week.

With so many social networks out there, how do small businesses get the time to invest in all of these networks? The only way is by using a social media management tool and I've already recommended Buffer which will help you share easily to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and For Google+ you'll need Do share. As I write this article many social media management tools don't integrate with Google+ - and none allow you to post to your Google+ profile – only your Google+ pages. The reason for that is that Google still haven't released an API for Google+ profiles.

Do share allows you to post to your Google+ profile and pages through an extension in your browser (currently Google Chrome). It works in a similar way to Buffer in that you can schedule your posts throughout the day and week. The only difference (and disadvantage) is that you'll need to keep your browser open at the time you want to post. That is because Do share doesn't use the Google+ API – but that has the advantage in being able to post to your Google+ page AND profile. If your business has a server or a computer that is switched on all the time then this is unlikely to be a problem. I've been impressed with Do share and although it still has the occasional glitch and a lack of mobile apps, it is definitely a must in your social strategy.

Steps to schedule posts on Google+

To be able to schedule posts you will need to install a Chrome extension called Do share. Then follow the steps below:-
  1. Step 1

    : Click on the extension icon that has been added to your browser among others. This opens the Do share interface in a new tab/window.
  2. Step 2

    : Click on the box reading Create New Post to start creating your schedule. This also expands the interface for filling other things.
  3. Step 3

    : Give your post a title (optional) and put the content. Take note of the formatting options as well. If you wish to post a link along with your post hit on the link icon (something like [---]) at the bottom right of the text box. Feed in your URL in the link text box and hit add url. Also choose the groups or people you want this post to be available to. Click on + Add more people and get started.
  4. Step 4

    : Once your content is ready you may choose an action to perform viz. save the work as a draft, share instantly or schedule for later. I tried doing all of them. I did share now and checked the results on to verify whether it works. It worked well :).
  5. Step 5

    : To schedule the post for a later time click on schedule and enter date and time details. You may monitor the queue to check if the post was sent.

How often should I schedule posts on Google+?

This is a question to be debated, and I would love to hear your opinions in the comments below. While we may be able to provide a guideline, there are no firm rules. Every business and industry is different, and so how you use Google+ may vary. More importantly, it's really your followers, the users who have circled you, who should be driving your engagement levels.

One consideration is the type of information that you're sharing using Do share. You certainly don't want to share content that is dated or redundant. Hopefully you have past posts and articles that might be considered "timeless." At Pure Moneu Making, for instance, a large percentage of our content consists of news stories on developments in the social media world. Those stories generally have no interest after a short amount of time and should not be re-posted. Our How To articles and guides, however, make for great posts all the time.

Another consideration is your followers themselves. Are they active on social media and Google+, or not? If they don't look at their Google+ stream very often, than it's likely that when you re-post an article, they will be seeing it for the first time. If you're lucky enough to have a dedicated following that +1's and comments on all your posts, you may want to keep your stream 100% fresh content.

As with most social media marketing strategies, it's usually best to try various methods and techniques and monitor results to find out what works best for you. You might try starting with just one or two scheduled posts a day using Do share and see how that goes for a few weeks, and then try increasing the frequency. If you're already scheduling posts to Google+, what's working for you? How often are you posting, and are you using a different tool or technique, other than Do share?

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VK communities

FREE service to make updating your social networks a snap!
Inside the Vkontakte platform there are many user-generated groups, covering a variety of topics. From internet memes to music, from marketing to "woman-only" groups, with topics such as makeup or diet. The pop-star Shakira has over 240 thousand followers, the Romanian singer INNA 180K. Big numbers, indeed.

Only in 2011 a verification system has been introduced, in order to determine wether a community referred to a brand is official or not. The possibilities for brand page customization are quite low. The activity is mainly based on posts, discussions and polls. Brands can also upload video and audio files on the page.

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Community management on Vkontakte must be taken into serious consideration: some pages show very high posting-frequency – up to a post every 15 minutes. There's only one main rule to follow: create a lot of contents, and share them! Then use FREE VK communities engagement tools like - Get Free Followers to grow the group's member count.

Benefits of VK community engagement

  1. The opportunity to start engagement and ask the community to give to consideration to issues that are important to you.
  2. The opportunity to express your opinion, make your voice heard and be more involved in decision making processes.
  3. The opportunity to increase the community's awareness of issues we may not have considered or have been aware of.
  4. The opportunity to influence the community's short and long term priorities; and help ensure the community makes the right decisions about issues that concern or affect you.
  5. The opportunity to learn more about local democracy and how the community go about making decisions.
  6. To help the community identify solutions to issues and help us avoid or resolve conflict.
  7. The opportunity to help ensure community services are of use, benefit and relevance to you.
  8. To learn new skills and gain knowledge and confidence in expressing and presenting your views.
  9. To become a more active member of your community.
  10. To meet new and like minded people, discover more about the different people of VK communities and learn from the experiences of others.
  11. To gain a better understanding of viewpoints that may be different from your own, so that you can better relate to people and communities you may be involved with or aware of.
  12. To be informed of proposals, decisions and changes to community services at the earliest opportunity.
  13. To feel listened to and that you can make a difference.

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