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Small business tools

Small businesses continue to set the pace of hiring, growth and innovation in US. I'm not going to cover how to build a social media plan here – I am going to assume that you already have a presence on your social networks of choice – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+, and that you have a website with a blog. One of the big advantages in posting to social networks is driving traffic back to your website and showing that you are an expert in your field.

Also, I'm not going to include the main small business tools such as Hootsuite. That's a complex decision, since you'll need to decide depending on which networks you want to manage from one place, how many people are going to be managing your social channels and what budget you can justify. However, I do cover 10 tools to help you manage your social channels – so much that you may be able to cope without the small business tools I mentioned above!

What do you want out of small business tools?

Each tool will offer your business a different experience, so it's crucial to understand your needs before making selection. Do you want your tool to help improve workflow? Are you interested in keyword monitoring and listening? Do you want better engagement across several networks? Are you evaluating user engagement over time or for a specific campaign? Maybe you want an all-in-one view of your social channels or an in-depth analysis of your entire social media marketing program. These are all important ideas to decide before trying new tools. Create a concrete list of your needs so as you're comparing numerous tools, you have an easy way to evaluate which one most closely meets your needs.

So, without further ado, here are my 10 must have small business tools...

Small business tools

  1. Bitly
  2. Google analytics
  3. Do share
  4. Feedly
  5. LastPass
  6. edocr
  7. Buffer
  8. MailChimp
  9. ManageFlitter
  10. Commun it
  1. Are you using more web tools in your business activity?

    Earlier we were just managing our facebook, linkedin, twitter and google+ pages for doing social media activity. But with the rapid growth of social media and with so many new and effective ways of marketing ourselves onlines, we have now switched to social media small business tools like Hootsuite to manage our social media profiles on the web.

  2. What segment of your business has grown the most?

    With becoming more present in the Social Web, it has helped us in generating more leads and getting to far bigger reach of people. Helping with post sales feedback using social media can lead to building more trust and acquiring more potential customers.

  3. What is the next area you are going to automate with web tools?

    Now, Social Web is actually helping our service in being considered rather than just people knowing about it. So from the Awareness Phase, we have gone to the Consideration Phase and in order to convert more leads, we need to start looking for social media small business tools that would help us close deals. Probably, something like an automated FAQ helper.

What are your overall goals?

Evaluate your overall social media goals. You should already have written down what you want/need out of small business tools, but take it a step further to decide how a tool can help you reach your overall social media goals. Do you want to increase your reach? Are you interested in evaluating competitors to better develop your content? Do you want to increase chatter about your brand across the web? Are you looking to increase the value of each of your posts? Decide if your overall goals are more management or measurement focused. All the social media small business tools out there have been created to benefit you – but they'll only help you reach your goals if you know what your goals are and choose a tool specifically based on those aspirations.

Each and every business has different goals when it comes to social media management and measurement. Remember that choosing which small business tools to use for your business is a process – try out a few and see what works best to meet your needs!

A lot of decisions about your social media small business tools will depend on the size of your business. Small businesses who are just starting out might be most interested in simply increasing their visibility. Others may consider self-promotion and connection with customers to be key components in their use of social media. Overall, finding ways to individually connect with customers is crucial for small businesses and a management tool that allows you to personally respond to messaging across all channels with ease might be more important for your small business. Larger businesses may find evaluation of competitors to be of utmost importance. These difference are natural, but should be taken into consideration when selecting the small business tools.

Another key element to consider is your budget for these additional tools. There are varying levels of expense and this is an obvious barrier for many small businesses. Keep in mind that most of these social media small business tools include a free trial – use this to get a feel for each tool before laying down commitment in cash.

Interactive marketing

The New Media - The Social Media

  1. Social media strategy
  2. Email advertisement
  3. Small business tools: I'll not cover how to build a social media plan. So, without further ado, here are my 10 must have small business tools:
    1. Bitly
    2. Google analytics
    3. Do share
    4. Feedly
    5. LastPass
    6. edocr
    7. Buffer
    8. MailChimp
    9. ManageFlitter
    10. Commun it
  4. Application Marketing: One of the most innovative interactive marketing ways. It's even approaching the popularity of e-mail.
  5. Relationship Marketing
  6. SMS marketing services
  1. Social Media vs Industrial Media
  2. Rise of social media
  3. VK communities
    VK public Groups are organically searchable in Yandex. Get 100% REAL and active VK members for your Group and make it popular.
  4. Which way to go?
    Social media in my opinion is a tool, albeit a very powerful tool, but nevertheless a tool within a marketer’s toolbox.
  5. What do you mean by Social Networking?
  6. The saga of Social Networking
    The flood of information and the wave of activities that is now so easily available right at your study table is a miracle of the new age social networking boom.
  7. Is it a virtue or a vice?
    As every coin has two sides, in life also everything has two aspects - good and bad. Social networking is not an exception.
  8. How to make money using Social Networks?
    Advertising in a social network can be more effective than other methods because people tend to be more receptive to a familiar face.

VK communities

FREE service to make updating your social networks a snap!
Inside the Vkontakte platform there are many user-generated groups, covering a variety of topics. From internet memes to music, from marketing to "woman-only" groups, with topics such as makeup or diet. The pop-star Shakira has over 240 thousand followers, the Romanian singer INNA 180K. Big numbers, indeed.

Only in 2011 a verification system has been introduced, in order to determine wether a community referred to a brand is official or not. The possibilities for brand page customization are quite low. The activity is mainly based on posts, discussions and polls. Brands can also upload video and audio files on the page.

  1. VK promotion
    VK public Groups are organically searchable in Yandex which is the top Russian search engine. Get Free Followers provides you this professional and super fast service to give 100% REAL and active VK users - willing to be members of your Group and make it popular.

Community management on Vkontakte must be taken into serious consideration: some pages show very high posting-frequency – up to a post every 15 minutes. There's only one main rule to follow: create a lot of contents, and share them! Then use FREE VK communities engagement tools like - Get Free Followers to grow the group's member count.

Benefits of VK community engagement

  1. The opportunity to start engagement and ask the community to give to consideration to issues that are important to you.
  2. The opportunity to express your opinion, make your voice heard and be more involved in decision making processes.
  3. The opportunity to increase the community's awareness of issues we may not have considered or have been aware of.
  4. The opportunity to influence the community's short and long term priorities; and help ensure the community makes the right decisions about issues that concern or affect you.
  5. The opportunity to learn more about local democracy and how the community go about making decisions.
  6. To help the community identify solutions to issues and help us avoid or resolve conflict.
  7. The opportunity to help ensure community services are of use, benefit and relevance to you.
  8. To learn new skills and gain knowledge and confidence in expressing and presenting your views.
  9. To become a more active member of your community.
  10. To meet new and like minded people, discover more about the different people of VK communities and learn from the experiences of others.
  11. To gain a better understanding of viewpoints that may be different from your own, so that you can better relate to people and communities you may be involved with or aware of.
  12. To be informed of proposals, decisions and changes to community services at the earliest opportunity.
  13. To feel listened to and that you can make a difference.

Social influencers


Twitter exchange

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  2. Follow on Diigo
  3. VK Page
  4. VK find Friends
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    Boost your MySpace Connections, as well as cash in on your MySpace Account - a dual advantage!
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  9. Stumbleupon Followers
  10. How to make money from Twitter Followers?
  11. Vimeo for business
    Increase your Vimeo Followers for FREE
  12. Free Vine Followers
  13. VK promotion
    VK public Groups are organically searchable in Yandex which is the top Russian search engine.
  14. How to increase Followers on Facebook?
  15. Get more Google Plus Followers
  16. Get paid to Follow on Instagram
  17. FREE Youtube Subscribers
  1. How to get traffic from Twitter?
    Is Twitter driving business to your website? For some people Twitter is simply a way to put their thoughts out about what's going on in their world. But for us bloggers Twitter is a valuable tool to get more people to read our content.
  2. How to get Retweets?
    Retweeting will help build your personal brand as well as your follower's loyalty. Retweeting someone else's content is an act of kindness, and others are likely to do the same for you. There are multiple ways you can boost it in Get Free Followers!
  3. Get Favorites on Twitter
    Any tweets you 'Like' show up in the Discover tab and anyone can see your previous Likes on your profile. Retweets and favorites are a great way to get your message out to millions of users on Twitter.
  4. How to make money from Twitter Followers?
    This Twitter marketing resource introduces you to the best Twitter tips and Twitter how-to's period. If you spend much time on Twitter, you've certainly run across a number of bots, serial followers, and otherwise spammy accounts. Get Free Followers is not one of them!
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