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Google Plus for business

Google Plus for business There are still people that argue for a wait and see strategy before using Google Plus for business. If you remember the not-so-successful Google Buzz social news network and the even worse Google Wave launch, you may be wondering whether or not Google Plus is worth your time and energy. When there are already established networks like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, it can be frustrating to learn that an up and coming social network is destined to be a bust.

Simply put, Google Plus is Google's official social network. Just like Facebook and Twitter, Google+ offers you the opportunity to create a business page to promote your business, organization or a specific product you have in mind. The Google Plus for business community is growing in numbers and you can take advantage of a Google Plus page to get your business to a wider audience.

I want to take you through the process of creating Google Plus page for your business or organization. Just like Facebook, you will need a personal profile on Google Plus to get started. If you don't have one, sign up and create a personal Google Plus for business profile first. You can only create that business page once your profile has been created.

According to GlobalWebIndex, Google+ has 359 million active users, which puts it ahead of Twitter's 200 million. With that jump in numbers, it's clear that to promote your brand now is the time to use Google Plus for business.

Signing up for a Google Plus account

When Google Plus originally launched in late June 2011, people could only join by obtaining an invite by email. Google has since opened the social network to the public, so anyone can join for free. To sign up, all you need to do is visit and type in some basic information about yourself. After clicking "Join" Google Plus will suggest some from friends who are already on Google Plus to add to your network, or your "circles."

What are Circles on Google Plus?

Circles are one of the main elements of Google Plus for business. You can create as many circles as you want and organize them with labels. For example, you may have a circle for friends, another for family and another for colleagues.

When you come across new profiles on Google Plus, you can drag and drop them using your mouse into any circle of your choice.

Building profile on Google Plus for business

On the top navigation of your page, there should be an icon marked "Profile," which should appear once you roll your mouse over it. From there, you can start building your Google Plus for business profile.
  1. Profile photo

    : Like Facebook, Google Plus gives you a main profile photo that acts as your thumbnail when you post things or engage with other people.
  2. Tagline

    : When you fill out the "tagline" section, it will show up underneath your name on your profile. Try writing something that sums up your personality, work or hobbies in one short sentence.
  3. Employment

    : Fill out your employer name, job title and your start and end date in this section.
  4. Education

    : List any school names, major fields of study and the timeframes for when you attended school.
  5. Scrapbook

    : Add optional photos you want to share with people in your circles. Once you save these settings, you can navigate to your "About" page and edit a few more fields by pressing the "Edit Profile" button.
  6. Introduction

    : Here, you can write a short or long note about whatever you want. Most people include a friendly welcome message, or a summary of what they do and what activities they enjoy doing the most.
  7. Bragging rights

    : You can write a short sentence here about some accomplishment you are proud to share with your circles.
  8. Occupation

    : In this section, list your current employment position.
  9. Places lived

    : List the cities and countries in which you've lived. This will be displayed on a small Google map for people to see when they visit your profile.
  10. Other profiles & recommended links

    : In the sidebar of your "About" page, you can list other social media profiles such as your Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter profiles. You can also list any links you want, such as a personal website or a blog you enjoy reading.

People often point to lower numbers of people using Google Plus. These people fundamentally misunderstand the nature of Google Plus for business and the way it can improve your SEO results, even if none of your clients actually use Google Plus itself. You are simply losing out in terms of SEO if you are not using Google Plus for business effectively. Reconsider your social media optimisation strategies for SEO.

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