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How to use Pinterest?

How to use Pinterest?Unlike all social networking websites this offers their users to share their favorite images as a Pin. Once viewed as a niche player in the social space, Pinterest has become one of the fastest growing social networks ever, harnessing both an increased user base and its exponential growth as a referring site to become a considerable force in the marketing world. Before getting started we should know that Pinterest is a website which exactly works like your work place's notice board.

  1. Registration and Login

    We can join Pinterest easily by registering ourselves with any email ids as all other websites do. We can directly use the FaceBook and Twitter for quick access and to explore the website.
  2. Boards and Pins

    This website allows you to make separate boards and Pins in it for all your favorite images. In simple world you can easily categorize your pins by creating different boards with different title and descriptions. After board creation you can pin your images on your desired boards which give you a separation to manage for all your pins. We can pin an image either directly through uploading on pinterest or pin an image from a different website by submitting its URL. It will directly fetch your favorite image form the URL and give you title and description fields to fill for your pin.

  1. Pins and Likes

    We can pin any of the images on the Pinterest home page by simply click on the Pin button. For pinning any image we have to select a desires board for that and description and after that it will save to our selected board. Like button is also there are liking pins on the dashboard.
  2. Followers and Following

    Like twitter it also let their users to follow the favorite boards on your interested topics. We can follow the other user's interesting boards where we can get good stuffs and images, likewise other users can also follow our boards.
  3. Repins

    Repin concept of images in pinterest is like retweet in twitter. Repin means when a user pins an entry which is already pined by a user to whom he or she follow.

All the above mentioned points are the key points to how to use Pinterest but we should not forget to teach you about how it can be a great tool for SEO. In most of the cases I have observed that when we search something on Google It also gives pinterest results.

Making a great descriptive board of your niche with lots of interesting pins in it can also give you a good SEO ranking on the major search engines like Google, yahoo and Bing. All you have to do just make a good profile and that makes some different descriptive boards according to your services and then pin the related activities in terms of images or videos in it. It will definitely let you to get a great search engine ranking for your desired keywords and a great presence of your pinterest profile.

Equally important for businesses to consider is the buying power behind Pinterest: Pinterest users purchase items more often and in greater quantities, spend more money, and shop more frequently than any other social network. So if your initial trial of using Pinterest for business has yielded positive results and you think Pinterest is a viable social media marketing platform for your business, you know what the next step is, right? Optimization!
  1. Choose an optimized company username
  2. Optimize your page's 'about' section
  3. Include links back to your website
  4. Differentiate your pinboards
  5. Speak your customers' language
  6. Use your pins' descriptions wisely
  7. Make sure the images you pin have descriptive file names & alt text
  8. Incorporate Hashtags

The role Pinterest plays for businesses is growing every day. With 11 million users and growing, the network provides a unique opportunity for companies to leverage visual content, quality descriptions, and insight into customers' lifestyles and needs while growing their reach and improving their organic search results. Just as with any website, your focus as a business should be on creating remarkable content and a strong community around your product, services, and brand. Happy pinning!

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