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StumbleUpon is a great tool to drive blog traffic, but there are rules to follow to actually get positive results. StumbleUpon works using a simple voting system. Users submit links to content they want to share, which is called "stumbling". Other users can add their opinions to that stumbled content by giving it a thumbs up or a thumbs down using the StumbleUpon toolbar, which can be installed when a new user registers for a free StumbleUpon account.

What decides how much traffic I get from StumbleUpon?

StumbleUpon There is no exact science which decides how many hits you will receive from Stumble, and there are a number of factors that are taken into consideration by the StumbleUpon algorithm when distributing traffic.
  1. No. of thumbs up by other users: The most important factor when trying to get sustained traffic to your site, if people keep thumbing your site up - hits will keep coming.
  2. No. of subscribers you have: You can subscribe to other SU users and they can subscribe to you. More subscribers you have the more trustworthy you are seen to be by StumbleUpon - your subscribers will receive your favourites and hopefully thumb then up meaning more hits for you.
  3. No. of reviews and thumbs up: This shows that other users of SU rate you and therefor shows that you are a trustworthy user, meaning StumbleUpon will show your page to more people.

As well as these key factors, it is also important to build up your stumble profile as much as possible. Liking alot of other peoples pages and sites helps you to become a more powerful user and will make it easier to get subscribers. If you subscribe to someone and they don't subscribe back it may well be worth sending them a message and requesting that they add you as a friend. If you can get other users to submit your pages or sites this looks good as if you keep submitting pages from the same url, SU will catch on sooner or later and reduce the amount of traffic you get.
Use the StumbleUpon tips below to give your blog a traffic boost.
  1. Don't stumble your own content.
  2. Stumble a variety of content from a variety of sources.
  3. Use great titles and descriptions.
  4. Make friends.
  5. Use one account and one identity.

Getting your content on StumbleUpon

So how do you actually get your content on to StumbleUpon? StumbleUpon frowns on people submitting their own content. You can, but if you do it too often you'll get your account disabled. The best way to do it is to first spend a week or so using StumbleUpon yourself. That way you build up some usage history so it doesn't look like you're just there to promote; and you also get some experience with the StumbleUpon's system.

Then, pick one of the best pages on your website and submit it to StumbleUpon. Ideally, you should get enough of a following from StumbleUpon that others will submit your content from then on. If your content isn't getting enough uptake, submit another piece of your own content a few weeks later. But make sure you're also submitting other web pages from other sites and that there's an interval between your submissions of your own content. In that way, the submissions you make from your own website look natural and you can benefit from both the natural StumbleUpon traffic and the great backlinks.


  1. StumbleUpon is very, very, very addicting! Stumble at your own risk and within certain time boundaries!
  2. By setting a kitchen timer nearby, you'll help to limit your time spent stumbling, which will therefore decrease the chance you'll become addicted to it (if you stick to this timer precisely).
  3. You run a risk of finding a virus-laden page. Always keep updated (in realtime) virus-protection software running along side of another firewall (more than just the Windows Firewall itself).
  4. If you don't want to spend much for free virus protection, Microsoft has produced an antivirus software piece known as Microsoft Security Essentials. However, prior to stumbling, use the Full Scan option of the virus program. (This program can be used on a Windows XP (Service Pack 3+) computer, Windows Vista or Windows 7 computer.) You can find this software at Microsoft security essentials website.
  5. For malware, Malwarebytes produces a checker for malware. Be sure to run a Quick Scan (at the very least) on each of the user's accounts from which you'd like to Stumble from, weekly.
  6. Once and a while, it's a good idea to free up space by clearing out Internet Cookies by using CCleaner which can be downloaded from the URL of: CCleaner.

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