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Yelp for business

Yelp for business Yelp has become the bellwether for a location-based services app. Yelp for business had more than 100 million monthly unique visitors as of January 2013, up from 71 million in January 2012. This has become a huge opportunity in local-mobile services and marketing. Local advertisements on mobile devices constituted 40% of Yelp's overall local ad inventory in the second quarter. That's up from 25% just two quarters ago. In the same period, Yelp's mobile user base climbed to 10.4 million.

Yelp's mobile app users are engaged through local discovery and the ability to make on-the-go reservations and appointments. Some might even write reviews on their handheld devices. Yelp can harvest all that relevant user information while also pinpointing a user's whereabouts. Consumers also use the app as an integral step in the local purchase cycle. 93% of U.S. Yelp users in a recent Nielsen study said they at least occasionally make a purchase from a local business after using Yelp for business. As is the case with Google, the influx of mobile app users - and the increase in local ad inventory on mobile - have inflated Yelp's overall local ad revenue.

Search engine

Yelp provides specialized search capabilities and provides information about business' in a given area using address or ZIP code information.

Each paid business listing contains a filtered 5-point rating, filtered reviews from other site visitors, and details such as the business' address, hours, accessibility, and parking. Site visitors can update business listings with moderator approval, and business owners can access and update their listing information directly. Listings include stores, service businesses, cultural venues, public places and more. Yelp websites and features are available for many mobile devices.


Businesses may advertise with Yelp for preferred search result placement and extra listing features. For the advertising fee, the business may include an individualized message, video and photo slide show onto the web page for its listing as well as receive reports on listing traffic. Yelp for business has taken measures to prevent false check-ins by service users at their advertising clients' locations.

Online-offline community

Yelp combines reviews and social networking functionality to create an Internet community. The social web features allow web site visitors to view each contributors popularity, community status, business reviews and interests. Yelp's "First to Review" tags, peer feedback mechanisms, and preferred placement for popular reviews are designed to motivate contributors. Business owners can also communicate with their reviewers via private messages or public comments. Yelp requires reviewers to register and encourages them to publish their real name and a photograph. This creates a participatory culture where users share their personal insight and suggestions providing collective feedback to local businesses. The web site also has an Internet forum to discuss local businesses and events.

The company's attempts to strengthen their user community include events at nightclubs, bars, restaurants, and cultural venues for its "Elite" members in various cities. Elite reviewer status is gained by writing useful and entertaining reviews that gain the recognition of others.

Yelp's product growth

Yelp believes in its ability to help local businesses attract more customers. According to a Nielsen report, of those people who view a business on Yelp, 89% make a purchase at the local business within a week of viewing. To further strengthen this statistic, Yelp for business recently launched several new features. One such feature is their 'Call to Action,' (New Yelp Feature Takes Consumers from Browsing to Buying) which enables advertisers to promote a transaction directly on their business pages. With a press of a button, consumers will be able to directly reach a business's website and complete the promoted transaction.

Yelp Platform is another enhancement made to promote local businesses. Launched last month, the service will help consumers directly make reservations or interact with the local business. The service was initially released for food delivery and pickup. Visitors to Yelp for business can now order food directly from selected restaurants for delivery or pickup. Yelp plans to increase the available categories to spas, yoga studios, salons, and dental appointments in the near future.

Yelp recently added to the Platform offering through the $12.7 million acquisition of SeatMe, a web and iPad app that allows consumers to make online reservations for restaurants and nightlife. Through the acquisition, Yelp visitors will be able to make reservations directly from Yelp for business. Yelp considers these measures part of its focus on closing the loop with businesses. For now, the market is pleased with the approach, which has helped to increase both consumer engagement and local business returns.

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