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Social media strategy

Social media is everywhere, which may have you wondering how you can utilize social media strategy recruiting for your business, target audience and even monetize it. Hundred years ago, most businesses were local brick-and-mortars that relied on door-to-door marketing to engage public. As technology evolved, motion pictures, radio and television opened up new avenues for business marketing, eventually expanding to include direct mail, telemarketing, print advertising, trade shows and e-mails. While these practices have proven successful over years, many of today's consumers now view them as intrusive, and have consequently become quite savvy ignoring traditional marketing attempts.
  1. Produce quality content

    - Do not make less of an effort with online communications than offline. If anything, what you say on social media strategy is more important, because you are speaking to a larger audience.
  2. Be open and engaging

    - Social media is a two-way conversation. Producing quality content is only half of the conversation. Listen to what your followers are saying about your brand. These are your customers (or potential customers), and they want to know that you are listening to their concerns.
  3. Focus on a specific niche

    - Social media strategy has grown so large that people have congregated into small communities of people that share similar interests- As a startup business or brand, associate yourself with one of these communities and become leader of the pack.
  4. Use social media to build your business, and vice-versa

    - Business owners often view social media as a component of marketing or PR. However, proper social media strategy is also a great way to build rapport as a leader in the space you are operating within.

  1. Embrace each social network's unique culture

    - Each social network attracts a different audience of users. Embrace the individuality of each service and play to its strengths.
Small businesses can implement social media strategy to reach and engage existing and potential clients, while spreading the word about their products and services. In today's connected world, where customers research purchases online and seek recommendations from friends and family, it is in the best interest of most small businesses to have a vibrant and interactive social media presence. Here, we will review the various social media platforms, and explain how to implement a small business social media strategy, to help your business:
  1. Make decisions

    - While many businesses would never have used public forums and review sites in the past, proper implementation of social media strategy has become a tool capable of making or breaking a reputation. Company decision makers will use social networks for many reasons, however, 100 percent of them use it for work purposes, according to Forrester's latest B2B Social Technographics data. Many decision makers may also read industry-related blogs, consistently update profiles and comment on various articles. This helps to see what sort of discussions are trending, and this information can even inform a decision to improve an aspect of the business. Social networks also allow managers to keep an eye on the competition and check how the company adds up.
  1. Bring employees together

    - Social media strategy is also a great way to create a collaborative environment among workers. Posting company- or industry-related content on employee profiles can help drive interest toward the business while also giving them a space to voice their opinions. Hosting a discussion board and inviting employees and readers to take part in conversations on specific topics could be a powerful social tool, according to a recent white paper from social business solution provider Jive Software. Many newspaper journalists will post their articles or industry-related stories to their social media pages to foster conversations while simultaneously putting the name of the company out there.
  2. Engage the audience

    - The main reason for making company profiles is to get an audience reaction, as well as to advertise your services. Now that you have a following, use this opportunity to post information and questions that will illicit feedback. This can provide insight into how satisfied your audience is as well as bring up potential issues for new products that you may not have thought of. Having effective content can also turn your followers into potential leads for business-related issues, according to Marcela De Vivo, founder of Gryffin Media. Making sure that your subscribers are happy may be challenging, but listening to their comments may provide you with insight for future decisions.
  3. Establish the brand

    - Whether you have a new business or one that's been around for a long time, social media strategy is a way for companies to establish - and in some cases, redefine - themselves in the public eye. When debuting a new product, your focus should be on the product itself. When it makes a less than favorable impression, tying the brand to it will reflect badly on the business, according to Demand Media. By focusing largely on the specific product, if the public doesn't like it your business's reputation will be upheld.

Social media strategy

Interactive marketing

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