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Beta testing

Beta testingA Beta testing is a period in the development of hardware, software or website where it is tested by large groups of people who would be typical users. Here a product is tested by real customers in their real environments prior to its release. It adds a key dimension to quality testing.
  1. Prototyping

    : Prototyping provides an opportunity for interaction with and learning from potential customers. Apart from evaluating the key benefits of your new product, you get an access to the user's experience with any other aspects of the innovation that they see as valuable, which you and your project team may not have expected or imagined.

    "Good prototypes don't just communicate – they persuade," says Tom Kelly. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a good prototype is worth a thousand pictures. "Models often surprise, making it easier to change your mind and accept new ideas. Give your management team a report, and it's likely they won't be able to make a crisp decision. But a prototype is almost like a spokesperson for a particular point of view, crystallizing the group's feedback and keeping the things moving."

  1. Experiment

    : Experiment, do it for real, test market your idea with some key customers or in a chosen region on a small scale. Carefully analyze customer reactions and feedback, then adapt and improve the idea.

    An experimental hands-on try-it-out approach is invaluable to innovation. You never know the real value of your invention until you test market it. Rapid prototyping is about building and testing new things fast. It helps you jump past endless analysis to quickly obtain a valuable feedback.

  2. Have a fallback plan

    : "Always have a fallback plan," advise Paul Sloane. "If it does not work cut your losses. Learn the lessons and move on. Don't flog the idea to death trying to force it to work. Try something new."

Beta testers generally reside outside the realm of your company's alpha testers (i.e., your engineering team and other employees) who can discover problems with usability and functionality that may have been overlooked by your in-house team. For instance, they might spot perplexing usability issues, crashes, misplaced click-throughs, confusing instructions and even typographical errors.

What's more, many view these testers as the early adopters of your offering. So not only can they help suggest improvements and features, they're often the first ones to generate excitement about your launch. So how do you go about finding beta testers prior to the public launch of your web, mobile or social application? Here are four tips from Cody Barbierri, co-founder of BetaBait, a Bridgeport, Conn., startup that aims to help businesses recruit and work with beta testers:
  1. If you build it, they will come: You'll need to hire a web designer to create a landing page that potential Beta testing persons can easily find, learn something about your beta test and sign up. Be explicit about what you're looking for and when you plan to launch.
  2. Take advantage of social utilities: Get the word out via social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to attract knowledgeable beta testing candidates. And don't rush them into making a decision. Chat up these folks online, and, after they're comfortable with you and supportive of your vision, ask them to participate in your project.
  3. It's whom you know: Naturally, you want to attract the tech writers and industry insiders to test your application, but there are others out there who require consideration. How about bloggers with access to large online audiences or networks? They can quickly get the word out about your impending launch. And, as long as they're not in direct competition with you, invite other business leaders to participate.
  4. It's all in the timing: Be ready to hit the ground running. Once you've got people signed up for Beta testing, don't keep them waiting. Ensure that they're informed and up to date, because if you wait too long, they're going to forget they ever offered to test your app in the first place.

Marketing decision models


Business strategies definition

  1. Market and product development
    1. Beta testing
    2. Market research testing
    3. Commercialization of a product
      This is often considered post-NPD (New Product Development).
  2. Business and revenue model
  3. Positioning and differentiation
  4. Multi channel distribution
    'With each new sales channel, a company expands its sales and market coverage'.
  5. Multi channel communication
    The goal of writing multi channel communication plan is to get an audience to invest their time, money or efforts in a product or service.
  6. Marketing communication mix
    The importance of online service for some organisations are indicated by bank Nationwide.
  7. Organisational capabilities
  1. Idea generation
    1. Opportunity analysis
      The strategy of assessing the potential for a change or enhancement to enhance the generation of revenue.
  2. Idea screening
  3. Business analysis
    1. Break even analysis
    2. Benefits of break even analysis
    3. Fourt Woodlock equation
      The tool used to determine whether the product idea will be profitable or not.
  4. Critical path analysis
  5. How to make critical path analysis?
  6. Critical path in business
  7. Logistics strategic plan
    Logistics is how to get raw materials, move them in the system, distribute and replace them.
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