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Idea generation

Idea generation is often called the "fuzzy front end" of the new product development process. A million dollar business, a successful website, a blockbuster movie and a top-selling product all have one thing in common: they begin with a great idea. It's essential to divide your session into separate ideation and selection sections. During ideation, criticism, whether explicit or implicit, is banned because it interferes with creativity.
  1. Ideas for new products can be obtained from basic research using a Business SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats), Market and consumer trends, company's R&D department, competitors, focus groups, employees, salespeople, corporate spies, trade shows, or Ethnographic discovery methods (searching for user patterns and habits) may also be used to get an insight into new product lines or product features.
  2. Idea generation or Brainstorming of new product, service, or store concepts - idea generation techniques can begin when you have done your Opportunity analysis to support your ideas in the Idea Screening Phase.

Modifying and Experimenting Idea generation techniques begin by gathering facts, details and other data. Modifying builds on what is known, while Experimenting combines the components in new ways. These techniques are more linear than intuitive in their approach to generating ideas. They take advantage of different ways of organizing known information so as to approach problems from new and more comprehensive angles. Using a logical pattern or a sequence of steps, they help focus the attention on where to look for innovations.

Idea generation
  1. Modifying techniques

    : Three idea-generation techniques that emphasize the Modifying style are Force-field, Attribute listing, and SCAMPER. Use these techniques when you want to generate ideas that build on what is already known and when you want to develop versatility with this style.
    1. Force-field
    2. Attribute listing
    3. "SCAMPER"
  2. Experimenting techniques

    : Three Idea generation techniques that emphasize the Experimenting style are Matrix analysis, Morphological Analysis, and Alternate scenarios. Use these techniques when you want to generate ideas that combine different elements in new ways and when you want to develop versatility with this style.
    1. Matrix analysis
    2. Morphological analysis
    3. Alternate scenarios

Visioning and Exploring Idea generation techniques start with an intuitive insight, hunch or hypothesis; then they gather information to confirm and fill out the intuition. The difference between these two techniques is that Visioning searches for a clear mental picture of the future, while Exploring often employs symbols to sense what is metaphorically possible. These techniques take advantage of the right-brain capability to perceive whole solutions in sudden leaps of logic.

  1. Visioning techniques

    : Three idea-generation techniques that emphasize the Visioning style are Alter-ego, History of the future, and Vision circle. Use these techniques when you want to generate ideas by creating a mental picture of an ideal future and when you want to develop versatility with this style.
    1. Alter-ego
    2. History of the future
    3. Vision circle
  2. Exploring techniques

    : Three Idea generation techniques that emphasize the Exploring style are Analogy, Nature symbol, and Dreaming. Use these techniques when you want to generate ideas using metaphors, symbols and analogies and when you want to develop versatility with this style.
    1. Guided imagery
    2. Nature symbol
    3. Forced association

In reviewing the unconventional methods of these vanguard organizations, we found that, while innovation and breakthroughs can never be commanded from the top, leaders can do much to increase throughput of significant ideas. And indeed they must. We see these leading-edge organizations using seven key strategies for fortifying the idea factory:
  1. Invite everyone in the quest for new ideas.
  2. Involve customers in the process of generating ideas.
  3. Involve customers in new ways.
  4. Focus on the needs that customers don't express.
  5. Seek ideas from new customer groups.
  6. Involve suppliers in product innovation.
  7. Benchmark idea-creation methods.

Business strategies definition


Business strategy development

  1. Idea generation
    1. Opportunity analysis
      The strategy of assessing the potential for a change or enhancement to enhance the generation of revenue.
  2. Idea screening
  3. Business analysis
    1. Break even analysis
    2. Benefits of break even analysis
    3. Fourt Woodlock equation
      The tool used to determine whether the product idea will be profitable or not.
  4. Critical path analysis
  5. How to make critical path analysis?
  6. Critical path in business
  7. Logistics strategic plan
    Logistics is how to get raw materials, move them in the system, distribute and replace them.
  1. Clickbank products
    If you have a product you want to sell, then there is no better place than ClickBank to publish it.
  2. Importance of traffic
  3. Internet marketing tips and tricks
  4. Publisher tips
    Once you have developed your website, you need to place suitable ads using proper publisher tips.
  5. How do you get sponsors?
  6. Pros and cons of publishing
    Who wouldn't like to make a few extra bucks without any effort?
  7. Where to get advertisers?
  8. Business analysis techniques
  9. Web development guidelines
    Always try not to let your site's customer-acceptance level to get down. Keep a note of a few web development guidelines.
  10. Importance of marketing plan

VK images

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Image SEO


Youtube promotion

  1. Design Float
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  3. VK photos
  4. How to increase Likes on Facebook Photo?
  5. Make money with Instagram Likes
  6. Get paid to Pin on Pinterest
  7. How to get more Repins on Pinterest?
  8. How to get Retweets?
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  1. Favorite videos Youtube
    Do you want to be a certified public figure? Increasing your YouTube favorites can attract the attention of the video site; thus, your video can have the chance to be ranked up for a positive engagement. It plays a major role in SEO of that video.
  2. Get Likes on Youtube
  3. How to get more Views on Youtube?
  4. FREE Youtube Subscribers
    If you happened to be one of those who have a YouTube channel, or a brand or a creator using video as a marketing tool then, I'm sure you must be wondering how you can get more YouTube subscribers to your channel and increase the reach of your YouTube videos.
  5. How to promote Youtube Videos?
    Improve your Videos' search engine rankings. What YouTube wants to see is engagement and you can get that in the form of YouTube comments. Encourage others to comment on your video. Encourage discussions to start.
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