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Best feed readers

There are many ways to aggregate and read feeds: it can be web-based readers, or desktop readers. No matter which reader you choose, it should give you some way to back up your feeds, preferably as an OPML file. Here's a the Best feed readers that are most popular among the internet users now-a-days:

On the web

You may not want to install a program for reading feeds, and yes, you have solutions for that. Many people choose the following tools to read feeds right within the home page that their browser starts in:
  1. My Yahoo! - My Yahoo! button
    Most Yahoo! products and services provide Add to My Yahoo! buttons that make subscribing to Yahoo! RSS feeds easy. My Yahoo! also includes a link for subscribing to feeds by URL with Add RSS by URL on the Find content page.

  2. Google personalized homepage - Button for iGoogle
    Commonly known as iGoogle. Personalized Homepage is a Google Labs product that enables users to add their favorite content to their main page. With a simple drag and drop functionality, users may customize the page with items including Google News headlines, weather updates, stock quotes, and content feeds from their favorite sources. This product was publicly launched by Google on September 14, 2005.

  1. My MSN - Button for My MSN
    Using this product from MSN, users can add an individual blog's feed or an rss search feed or an MSN Search Results feed.

  2. My AOL - Button for My AOL
    Just like Google's Personalized Homepage, a similar product from AOL. This offers the users weather, calendar, horoscopes, mail, news, in addition to the Favorites RSS feed reader and bookmarks site.
  1. Rojo
    A similar reader like Bloglines. Rojo is a feed reader for blogs and news. It has very nice features, you can organize blogs by tags, and in many of the users' opinions, the interface is much better than bloglines.

  2. Bloglines - Button for Bloglines
    Screenshot for BloglinesBloglines is a great, web-based way to read RSS feeds. There's no software to wrestle with, and using Bloglines is smooth and easy. This one almost always does the right thing (like showing only new items when you first click on a feed with all items available flexibly or offering snappy keyboard shortcuts) and spares you the hassle of downloading and wrestling with another piece of software.

    Managing and organizing your feeds flexibly is a snap in Bloglines. Not only can you group subscriptions in folders, you can also clip individual news items. Add annotations and make your clippings publicly accessible and you have your easy to use and nicely integrated Bloglines blog.

  1. Attensa online
    Screenshot for Attensa onlineAttensa Online is a pure and simple RSS feed reader on the web, and if it has all the functionality you need (reading feeds grouped by folder) it is perfect. If you want to search your feeds or organize items, for example, and fancy keyboard shortcuts or smart folders, you may find Attensa Online a bit lacking. Attensa Online is no longer available.

    Attensa Online does not set out to be an all-around news organizer. It displays RSS feeds - either as a stand-alone feed reader or, and that's what it was originally built for, in conjunction with Attensa for Outlook, from which it takes your subscription and with which it shares what you have already seen.

  2. NewsGator online - Add to NewsGator online button
    NewsGator Online Services is a web-based news aggregator and RSS feed to POP email gateway. Additionally, NewsGator Online offers NewsGator for Outlook integration and a mobile edition. Based on your subscriptions and ratings, NewsGator Online suggests related feeds and postings. NewsGator Online Services also allows you to subscribe to select premium content feeds.

  3. LiveJournal
    A very popular and free online blogging community that also lets you read feeds on your friends page.

All of these web-based services are free.

On your desktop

If you want a feed reading program that runs on your own computer, you will have a few options too. Generally your desktop feed-readers come built-in in most of the well known web browsrs. Anyone using the Mozilla Firefox web browser has support for feeds built-in, and Microsoft Windows users have support for feeds in Internet Explorer 7 (or higher versions). Apple Macintosh users can also use the built-in support for feeds in the Safari web browser.

If you want a separate program to read feeds, you can use FeedDemon or NewsGator for Microsoft Outlook or Attensa for Outlook if you're on Microsoft Windows. Both tools let you switch between these programs and the web-based reader at any time. If you're on a Macintosh running OS X, the most popular feed reader is NetNewsWire, which can also connect to the web-based services.

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