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Burn a feed

After creating a feed, just like "burning a CD", the content provider - usually a blogger, must select a program to use in order to prepare the feed to be fed to the user. This process is called "burning a feed" and is usually accomplished using the Atom or RSS standard.

Online feed creation tools

If you just wish to create a single feed and do not need to edit or update the feed you can use an online feed creation tool.
  1. GoArticles - Syndicate articles appearing on GoArticles a large article repository.
  2. BlogStreet - Online feed creation tool, only works for blogs hosted on BlogStreet
  3. Online RSS feeds - Online feed creation tool
  4. Blog harbor - Online java script blog generator
  5. Create RSS - Resource for creating RSS feeds
  6. We recommend FeedForAll for RSS feed creation

What service should I use?

There are two popular feed services, Feedburner, which is owned by Google, and Feedblitz, which has been gaining a lot of popularity over the last few years. Let's take a look at both:
  1. Feedblitz

    I moved my blog's feed to Feedblitz last week and I am happy! Feedblitz captures my RSS feed and sends it to Google Reader and my subscribers very quickly. I also love that it publishes my posts to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for me. I also like that my posts can be sent as a traditional email newsletter to my subscribers. Feedblitz costs $1.49 a month and goes up based only on email subscribers.

    The only drawback to Feedblitz is it's clunky design on the back end. It can be hard to navigate and hard to use at first.
  1. So which should you use? I highly, highly recommend Feedblitz. For a measly $1.49 a month you get so many services and options that Feedburner can't touch - even if it is free. Now it is important to note, that if you start out with Feedburner and move to Feedblitz, you may lose subscribers along the way. Once your feed is burned it almost becomes property of one of these services so if you decide to change your feed, make sure you let your subscribers know.

  2. Feedburner

    The best thing about Feedburner is that it is free and fairly easy to use. You simply create an account and right there on the home page it will ask you to Burn a feed. Enter the URL and click Next. At that point you will want to walk through Feedburner's site to publish your feed.

    There are some drawbacks to Feedburner, namely the acuracy of the subscribers. Many users report that Feedburner does not report an accurate count of the people that subscribe to your blog. Another concern is that Feedburner isn't publishing the feeds to subscribers in a timely fashion. It was this issue that lead me to Feedblitz.
  1. Burn a feed
    Here are the instructions to burn your feed with Feedburner:
    1. Sign in to your Google Account at
    2. Copy-paste the url of your RSS feed into the text box under Burn a feed right this instant. Click Next.
    3. You will see a screen with 2 pre-filled fields for your Feed Title and Feed Address. Modify as desired. For Feed Address, use a name similar to your domain's. Click Next when finished.
    4. Next you will see Congrats! Your Feedburner feed is live. Click Next.
    5. Select all Additional Features. This will track clickthroughs; individual item views and resyndication; and reach (number of people who viewed or clicked the content in your feed).  Click Next.
    6. Don't forget to link to your new Feedburner feed page throughout your website wherever you use the RSS icon. Your link should look like:

What is a feed?


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