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Make money RSS

Now that you know what RSS is and built your own, how do you make your content syndication strategy pay and make money RSS? Great question and it is exactly what we are going to look at in this article. If you want to monetize your RSS, an easy way to do that is through RSS advertising services as mentioned below:
  1. Feedvertising

    Allows to run Broker Text Ads on your rss feed. Apart from the Feedvertising ads, you can also choose to run your own in-house ads or affiliate links. Feedvertising is currently on open for wordpress 2.0+ users and the service is free! Tubetorial actually made a short video clip explain step by step on how to use feedvertising on your Rss Feed.
  2. FeedBurner advertising network

    Type: Text ads, Banner rates: CPM, Payment: Unknown
    This network is upon invitation and even when you contact them, which i have spoke to one of their team editors, chances are you will be decline due to the size of your Rss Feed, i think they only accept blogs that have big Feed counts. Unless your blog is the meanest and baddest blog, chances are unlike you will be accepted.
  3. Thankyoupages

    Type: Full page interstitials, Rates: CPM & CPC, Payment: Check
    RSS Interstitials that allows publishers to insert advertising into the links contained within their RSS feeds. When a user clicks a link from your RSS feed, they will are shown a short, fully branded, interstitial advertisement between the click of the link, and the final destination. They only accept US publishers for now.

  1. Q-Ads

    Type: Text & Video ads, Rates: CPC, Payment: Check/Paypal
    Q-Ads is an easy and powerful way for you to unlock the revenue potential of your website or blog, and make money RSS. Q-Ads is a unique way for you to embed ads anywhere you can place a picture - in your blog post, on your website, in your RSS feed. Using your keywords on post, you are fully in control of your ads.
  2. MediaFed

    Type: Banner ads, Rates: Unknown, Payment: Unknown
    It allows you to make money RSS Feed through adverts are inserted every x articles where you control the value of x or by matching keywords to your article contents to target relevant advertising. The network provides adverts for a large range of channels but the system also works with most industry leading ad serving solutions allowing you to provide and control your own creative if you wish. They don't accept public application so you need to contact Ashley Harrison on email.
  3. Kanoodle

    Type: Contextual ads, Rates: CPC, Payment: Check
    Advertisements are served based on topics, not to keywords. Kanoodle shares 50% of the revenue generated from the advertisements with the publisher serving the ad. It takes about 15mins to complete your questionaire which is full of questions to apply and only when you are accepted then will they disclosure further information.
  4. FeedDirect

    Type: Text, pop under, banner ads, Rates: CPC, Payment: Check
    FeedDirect will allow content owners to not only monetize their assets with content-targeted sponsored links via Kanoodle but also get maximum distribution through the moreover network. Using a Service called Brightads to generate revenue on your Rss Feed. It seems to me this is the only advertising feed network for adults.
  1. Pheedo

    Type: Text, Banner ads rates: CPC, Payment: Check
    Pheedo's advertising platform converts your RSS feeds into rich, dynamically updating advertising that engages your audience. Leverage your existing RSS assets to extend your brand, drive traffic, and acquire new feed subscribers.
  2. Google FeedSense

    Type: Contextual ads, Rates: CPC, Payment: Check
    Google's AdSense for Feeds Beta offers contextually targeted advertisements, with a wide selection of advertisers. They do not want to disclose how much percentage of revenue you will earn so it is purely impossible to know how much you will be earning. You need to have at least 100 feed subscribers to apply for this beta feed ad service.The current Google AdSense system for feeds is tied to blogs and does not appear to be overly flexible.
  3. Yahoo publisher network

    Type: Text link ads, Rates: CPC, Payment: Check
    This services does not work for me since i don't stay in the US as participants of the program must have a valid U.S. Social Security or Tax ID number, and web site content that is predominantly in English and targeted at a U.S. user base. Yahoo! will contact you about your eligibility to participate and about availability of the program. Talk about being friendly, If you want to know more of this beta service, loren baker of searchenginejournal have provided a post on how YPN can work for you to make money RSS.

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