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Different Stakeholders

Trying to ascertain what a stakeholder definition is, is a tough task for the simple reason that there are so many different types of stakeholders, depending upon the project, venture or enterprise involved.

However understandng who is a stakeholder is a good start. From this we can deduce that at a high level, a stakeholder definition is one who makes the decisions and gains a benefit from a successful outcome; ie someone who has a stake in it. By this I mean someone who has either invested their time, money or ideas into an enterprise.

However once you start looking at the detail you realise that this is too narrow a definition. Hence let's have a look at the different types of stakeholders to better gain an understanding of what their role is.
  1. Sponsors

    Sponsors are people with power who have a direct interest in the project. As described elsewhere, you need to carefully manage your sponsors to gain support and avoid opposition, especially where they are also Targets.

    There are four types of sponsor:
    Initiating sponsor : Who kicks off the project.
    Key sponsor : Who provides ultimate authority.
    Primary sponsor : Who must be centrally engaged.
    Secondary sponsor : Who needs to be kept informed.

  1. Targets

    These are people who will intentionally be affected by the change. You may want them to change what they do and think, or even what they feel and believe. Deeper change, is, of course more difficult.

  2. Others affected

    It is easy to focus on sponsors and targets and forget that there may be many other people who may unintentionally be affected by the change. For example when a process is changed, everyone who is connected with the inputs and outputs of the process may be affected.

  3. Partner

    You may work with a wide range of internal and external partners to effect the change, from the IT Department to external consultants and trainers. These people need to be fully on board.

    In particular, if they will require any significant level of resourcing to be effective in the change, they must be allowed and encouraged to estimate what they will need to be successful and supported in their bids to acquire this resource.

  4. Interested party

    There are often a wide range of people who might have some more distant interest. For example if there are going to be job losses, then government and the media may have an interest.

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