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Marketing your business on the Internet is all about building a relationship with those people with whom you share common interests. No matter what your internet marketing goals, there is a tool to help you achieve them. But selecting the right tool from so many choices can seem overwhelming.

Here we are composing a list of tools to help you manage, optimize and guide your internet marketing strategies! The list contains tools for Social Network Engagement, Social Services Management, Bookmarking etc.

Social media ranking
Use this tool to see your rank among social peers! You can also boost it!
If you found this helpful please leave a comment for the corresponding tools or pass these along to your friends.
  1. Pure Money Making community

    If you are experienced in making money online or interested to learn how to make money online then you have come to the right place. This is an open forum. So you can also use this as an opportunity to share your website links and make profits yourselves. Only remember not to spam. I.e. your posts shouldn't only be a link. It should be helpful for others. Meaningless spams will be deleted.
  2. Social media ranking

    Are you on top? Are you looking to increase your social media engagement? Then this is the tool you have been waiting for!

    Use this tool to see where you rank among your social peers! Enter your link's details in the form, and submit to see your rank. If you are not satisfied with your rank, you can also submit to the services, using their buttons as well.
  3. Get Free Followers

    Grow socially. Get popular. Get more viewers. Make money.

    You get facebook exchange, free reverbnation, free soundcloud followers, twitter exchange, instagram marketing, google plus my business, linkedin share, free myspace, vk social media, pinterest marketing, stumbleupon followers, youtube promotion, yousecond friends and free traffic exchange - for no effort at all!
  4. Socializer

    Looking for more? May be a social bookmark submitter? Well, if you are looking to have a permanent place on the web, then your hunger for growth should not stop! Here is another tool to fill your hunger!

    We are providing this FREE service to make updating your social networks a snap! This tool is designed to provide publishers, bloggers, and SEO Professionals the ability to quickly post your content to multiple highest ranked and leading Social Media sites, from one single place. Don't miss this one! :)
  5. More to come. Stay connected... :)

VK advertising

FREE service to make updating your social networks a snap!
There's no doubt VKontakte is the leading social network on the web, which you should use first and foremost for your online advertising. However, there are cases when you have to look for alternatives. There are three main reasons you might need doing that:
  1. You don't get enough traffic from VK ads.
  2. It's too expensive: the bids you pay per click are lower than the revenue per visitor you get. Though there are other ways to overcome this issue, like using displaynetwork only, misspelled or negative keywords, etc., still in many cases you just have to look for an alternative advertising platform.
  3. Your niche doesn't match VK ads' terms of services.

Two words: Search Function. VK's search function is something that could happily rival Google. Unlike Facebook's ability to search within its own Network, VK can pull up information from anywhere - including 'adult content' and the latest movies, pirated of course.

And it doesn't stop there. The VK search function allows you to find absolutely anyone by entering in a near-stalkerish level of information. But what's better if you can get Vkontakte users to follow you - from your similar interests - without you searching them yourself?

  1. VK find Friends
    Vkontakte has over 215 million users in Russia and Eastern Europe and is also very popular in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Moldova and Belarus. It counts over 215 million accounts, and about 70 million daily users. On Get Free Followers you can get free VK Friends and can also make money out of it.

Yes! The above VKontakte advertising tool does that job automatically for you - and you don't have to pay a dime for this!

  1. VK like
    VK was created in 2006 as Vkontakte ('in touch') by young Internet entrepreneur Pavel Durov. The social network is far more popular than Facebook in former Soviet republics, where it has more than 100 million users. Add Get Free Followers to tour arsenal and boost your likes count for your VK posts!

It's important that you get as much likes as possible for your Vkontakte posts - to make yourself credible throughout the network. The marketing approach you follow during the early stages of your startup might decide its success or failure.

  1. VK Page
    As we know, VK (Originally VKontakte, Russian: BKohtakte) is the second biggest social network in Europe after Facebook. The widespread use of Vkontakte (now available at the international URL is related to the wide range of services it offers.

The one great thing we found about VK is the ease of creating an account. You simply enter a name, phone number, and password, then receive a validation code and you are good to go. If you don't want to give them a phone number, you can also sign up with your Facebook account (a bit counter-intuitive I know). In total, registering for an account takes about 2 minutes.

VK social media


Social influencers

  1. VK Page
  2. VK find Friends
  3. VK promotion
    VK public Groups are organically searchable in Yandex which is the top Russian search engine. Get Free Followers provides you this professional and super fast service to give 100% REAL and active VK users - willing to be members of your Group and make it popular.
  4. VK photos
  5. VK like
  6. VK post
  7. VK marketing
    Get Free Followers can help your VK Post reach millions of VK users, without needing you to spend much time on it!
  8. VK videos
    Do you know that you can also post videos in VK - the Russian Facebook? Yes - as you guessed it by now - VK, the social giant, can also be used for marketing your videos.
  9. VK video player
  1. Delicious Subscription
  2. Follow on Diigo
  3. VK Page
  4. VK find Friends
  5. Make money with MySpace
    Boost your MySpace Connections, as well as cash in on your MySpace Account - a dual advantage!
  6. How to get Followers on Pinterest fast?
  7. How to get Reverbnation Fans?
  8. Free Soundcloud Followers
  9. Stumbleupon Followers
  10. How to make money from Twitter Followers?
  11. Vimeo for business
    Increase your Vimeo Followers for FREE
  12. Free Vine Followers
  13. VK promotion
  14. How to increase Followers on Facebook?
  15. Get more Google Plus Followers
  16. Get paid to Follow on Instagram
  17. FREE Youtube Subscribers
  1. Monetizing Social Media : Find out how social media can also be a great money making tool.
  1. Pure Money Making tools : Here we are composing tools to help you manage, optimize and guide your internet marketing strategies!
  2. SEO Forum : Use our open forum. You can use this as an opportunity to share your links and make profits!

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