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Social bookmarking is the modern student's research tool. Do you sometimes wonder how people were doing research in the pre-internet age? I do this quite often, and do you know what I am thinking right after? How the hell did I do research on the web before I knew about Diigo?!!

As I share the useful Diigo tools in Pure Money Making, research and pre-writing helps a student start strong. But how? Here's your answer: Diigo has a fantastic new outlining tool! Before students write, have them turn in their outlines to you. Also, require that they rephrase their research sources at the point they bookmark it. I teach how to get a private link for the outline. If you still want it in Microsoft Word or Google Docs, anyone can even show you how to export your outline! So easy.

Why do we need social bookmarking?

  1. It saves paper.
  2. It keeps your email from filling up.
  3. It is an easier, more productive way of researching.

What is Diigo?

  1. Diigo lets you easily share with groups.
  2. You can annotate web pages.
  3. You are creating your personal library of online bookmarks to use in many ways.

  1. Diigo BookmarkingDiigo Bookmarking
    Social bookmarking is the modern student's research tool. Diigo is also very educator friendly. They have educator accounts specifically geared towards getting K-12 teachers to use their service, so they have lots of educators who view and share their bookmarks. This is also what most of our users are - in Get Free Followers!

Few points to note

  1. To be able to use program, you have to read what is on the screen to be able to highlight instead of scanning through (requires more time, but you learn more)
  2. Tucker law #4: by posting publically, if you can see their notes, they can also see yours (can be avoided by posting privately)
  3. Joining more groups allows for less privacy
  4. Social content site
  5. Need to scroll over notes to see them; by not displaying the comments automatically, it doesn't crowd the page, but by not displaying them, it can be viewed as an inconvenience that they aren't right there when the page is opened
  6. Changes are persistent
  7. Changes made by others can be viewed on page (others in the same group)
  1. Follow on DiigoFollow on Diigo
    Diigo Followers are people who will get updates when you post some new material. Really, you need do nothing more than write good articles to court future followers. Still, you'll need a tool like Get Free Followers - which will promote your Diigo profile to a large userbase!

Diigo is one of my core information management tools. Some people call it a social bookmarking service, but it is far more than that. With Diigo, you can:

  1. Highlight text on webpages in up to four colours
  2. Add comments to your highlights
  3. Add floating sticky notes to record your own thoughts
  4. Save bookmarks and organize them via tags in your Diigo database
  5. Save webpages into Diigo's Read Later list
  6. Add a description to remind you why you saved this particular bookmark
  7. Save the entire webpage into your Diigo database via its Cache function
  8. Share your annotations and bookmarks with the world, or with colleagues via lists and groups.

Building your Knowledge Database

Whenever I am reading an article that I think might be helpful sometimes later, it goes straight into my Diigo database.

It might be about a phenomenon that I am interested in exploring with future research, or something I want to write about on Share Market Trading some day. I quickly highlight posts that are most relevant, which automatically adds this page to my database. In addition, I assign some tags so that I can easily find this page when I am coming back to the topic.

Diigo will recommend some tags based on the content of the webpage, and it also remembers what tags you used last time when saving a bookmark. But it gets more awesome: In Chrome, Diigo also suggests previously used tags when you start typing. That's pretty cool, and a good reason why to use Chrome as your primary browser. I will discuss some more differences between Diigo tools in Chrome and Firefox on some other article.

Primary research with Diigo tools

Because Diigo can cache webpages, it is also a great tool to do primary research. Caching a webpage basically means that you save its current state to the database. So even if the webpage changes or goes offline some day, you will still have the exact same webpage to work with as when you saved it.

Obviously, this is really important when webpages are a primary data source for your research, for example when you are conducting a content analysis on a discussion board or a visual analysis of a corporate webpage.

Highlighting and assigning tags to cached webpages are great tools to analyze this data for your research. However, if you are planning to use Diigo tools for primary research, you will probably need the Premium Plan ($5/month or $40/year) to unlock unlimited page caching and screen captures.

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