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Qualified sales leads

Sales leads are typically generated for closing a sale. As a result, they are information heavy - a sales lead would contain not only the basic information of a person (such as First Name, Last Name, Email, etc.), but also more detailed information such as FICO Score, Household Income, etc. In complete contrast, marketing leads contain only the basic contact information of a person, such as Name, Email and Social Networking handle. Advertisers use the information contained in a marketing lead to build a long-term relationship with the consumer via email, Facebook, Twitter or a brand community site.

If a sales lead eventually makes a purchase, this is called conversion and a closed sale. The ratio of sales leads that convert is often referred to as the conversion rate, a way to measure the effectiveness of a sales process, sales team, or sales person.

Ensure that you follow a few check-lists as below, to consistently get well qualified sales leads for your business:-
  1. Make your offering clear to the customers

    In most cases, there is no single best way to find new leads. You’ll need a mix of tactics to generate the number of leads you need. And most likely, you will need to do some tests to optimize your marketing mix. People have a very limited memory space, and lots of distractions. That’s why you need a message that is concise, compelling, and sticky. And, critically important: TRANSFERABLE. Every person who hears and absorbs your message is a potential source of referrals.

  1. Once you know where your ideal prospects hear about new industry solutions, you can choose lead generation tactics that are most likely to reach them. Do prospects use the web to learn about new solutions? If yes, focus on inbound marketing. Are they into magazines or tradeshows? Or are they passive, waiting until they are approached by a solution provider? If yes, use outbound techniques.
  2. Improve Pipeline Conversion Rates

    Find and pass only the most qualified leads to sales to ensure their time and effort is focused on the contacts that matter most. Additionally, I recommend partnering with inside sales. They are contacting the leads, so they have a very good idea whether the leads are any good. Ask them for honest feedback, and use that to refine your lead generation programs.
  3. Expand your market

    Increase response rates dramatically, and attract the right type of prospects, by providing value additions. Just make sure you set up a lead nurturing program, so your company stays top of mind until the prospect has an active need for solutions like yours.
  1. Proper campaigns

    In some cases you can test different versions of a lead generation campaign: if you use pay-per-click, you can try multiple ad versions. For email blasts you can test multiple subject lines, and so on. Just make sure you have enough volume to get statistically significant results.

And finally, assign enough budget. Unfortunately you sometimes just have to spend the money, even though you’re not sure about the results. Personally, I have spent tens of thousands of dollars on list rental, until it turned out that the cost per qualified lead was 5 times higher than any other campaign. Don’t be afraid to try something, as long as you adjust quickly when it doesn’t work.

Make the most out of your sales leads, make a follow up on that sales leads if you don't you are only wasting your time and money. Employing methods like outsourcing leads will get your company on its way to stand out from your competition. Be consistent with the information you send them and you'll definitely get your customers attention.

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  11. Qualified sales leads
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