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Sales leads generation

Sales leads generationA sales lead, or Sales Lead, is the identification of a person or entity that has the interest and authority to purchase a product or service. This step represents the first stage of a sales process. In today's environment, it has become more challenging to uncover new sales leads.

The lead may have a corporation or business associated (a B2B lead) with the person(s). Sales leads are generic leads - i.e. a person signs up for a type of offer, instead of a particular company or brand. come from either lead generation companies processes such as trade fair/trade shows, direct marketing, advertising, Internet marketing, spam, gimmicks, or from sales person prospecting activities such as cold calling.

If you have a good report in your sales lead generation you can boost up the profit of your business. The way to win in the marketing game is to make the most sales and it will only happen if you have quality sales leads. Marketing strategies that delivers sales puts you on a greater advantage. Think ahead on how you'll manage your list and choose a list provider that you can grow into down the way.

In any business, a broad base of customers and clients is the key to long term success. You want to keep adding to your consumer base - and direct mailings, telemarketing and e-mail lists will help you reach out to the audience that you seek. You need to communicate with your audience. You must be able to satisfy them which means that you are highly visible to them. If you do this you'll generate more sales leads. With time your audience will start relying on you and will purchase more of your products and services.

In short, in order to generate sales leads, you need three things:
  1. A written profile of your target prospect,
  2. A list of suspects containing potential prospects,
  3. A method of reaching your sales prospects.
Leads can be generated by many different marketing campaigns or can have many different sources. Leads can be generated through mailings (fax, paper and email), fairs and trade markets, phone (call centers), database marketing and websites. There are eight proven methods of reaching your sales prospects :-
  1. Complementary Partner Referrals
  2. Cold Calling
  3. Live Seminars
  4. Trade Shows
  5. Mass Mailings
  6. Advertising
  7. Internet Advertising
  8. Email Publications

Another type of strongly sought after leads are called "organic lead". These are often confused with internet leads because the generating source is internet. While they could be considered a form of internet lead, these leads are those prospects that surf to a website through an organic channel such as search engine or inbound link and later become a lead. These are very similar to walk-in clients in retail world. Because they are not generated, they are referred to as organic. High demand for these leads is primarily because they have higher conversion rate.

E-commerce Concepts

Business models of e commerce

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    Electronic commerce or e-commerce refers to a wide range of online business activities for products and services.
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    E-business is more than just having a web presence to facilitate buying and selling.
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  6. Challenges in e-commerce
    The biggest challenge is not if or when to consider an Internet commerce solution, but rather how to select the best Internet commerce strategies to develop and sustain competitive advantage.
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  2. B2B in e commerce
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    Business-to-government e-commerce or B2G is generally defined as commerce between companies and the public sector.
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    It refers to the use of mobile devices for conducting the transactions.
  8. Sales leads generation
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    With all the buzz about online marketing, it’s easy to overlook direct mail.
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