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What not to do?

When looking for the right marketing tactics to reach customers in an increasingly noisy media space, it's important to step back and consider how different modes of communication work and how consumers use them. E-mail has been effective because it's a good way to reach people in a relatively unobtrusive way (compared to IM and the phone) and present them with information that can range from text to video. It's a good way to send timely offers to a large group of consumers, then have the ability to measure the results. Basically, email is a push medium with a built-in feedback mechanism.

IM, on the other hand, is a lot more personal. It's an instantaneous communications tool. The expectation is communicating in real time with another human being. It's intrusive and immediate and demands attention. You can't put IMs away for later. You can't scan a list of subject lines and decide what to respond to. The buddy list is king: It's a list of trusted correspondents with whom you wish to converse. Breaking into that circle is the equivalent of showing up uninvited to a party and insinuating yourself into a group of friends having a conversation. Not a good way to get to know people.

Don't invade others

Just as people react negatively to having their cell phone space invaded by people they don't know who are trying to push information in their face, so they react when strangers use IM to disrupt. "Instant messaging is about communicating one-on-one with people you trust, with friends," says Sean Carton. "It's a personal experience." Carton is a founder and "chief experience officer" at Carton Donofrio Partners Inc., an advertising and interactive media consulting firm in Baltimore, dean of the School of Design and Communication at Philadelphia University, and author of eight books about technology.

As hated as unsolicited commercial e-mail is for most people, unsolicited IM pitches would be a thousand times worse. If you want to create instant enemies, buy a list of IM handles.

On the other hand, if you want to build friendly relationships using the advantages of modern technology, then there is no better ways than the IM's. Make yourself or your organization available to those interested in what you have to offer ... when they want. IM can be a quick and convenient way for people to get answers from your marketing or customer service department. It's particularly appropriate for organizations that already have a strong online presence, from airlines to universities.

A better idea is to market something like a movie, that may be one that sets up a contest of some sort to uncover the bot's secret, i.e. you have to ask it the right questions to get the right clues or something like that in order to qualify for some kind of giveaway. Now that would be novel.

Application Marketing


Relationship Marketing

  1. What is Application Marketing?
    One of the most innovative ways now-a-days, to market a product you offer, is to create a marketing campaign on Instant messangers.

  2. How to use IM?
    How do you use IM as a marketing tool?

  3. What not to do?
    When looking for the right marketing tactics to reach customers in an increasingly noisy media space, it's important to step back and consider how different modes of communication work and how consumers use them.

  4. Looking to find people?
    Created an Instant Messenger account, but don't have many people to communicate?
  1. What is Relationship Marketing?
    This is a marketing strategy designed to achieve long-term relationships with customers.
  2. Its Benefits
    If done well, benefits include increased customer retention.

  3. Customer Satisfaction
  4. Customer Retention
  5. Satisfaction & Retention - which is more important?

  6. Marketing Stages
    There are many different names given to these stages, depending on the type of business.
  7. Why relationship marketing?
    CRM can substantially help a company during a slowing economy.

Get Soundcloud comments

FREE service to make updating your social networks a snap!
One great way to use this network to gain SoundCloud plays, likes, comments, followers, downloads and re posts is to leave comments on other artists profiles as most of the time they will return the favor. Remember to trend your song you need more than just plays. If SoundCloud come to review your profile and they see that you have a lot of plays but very little amount of likes, followers, downloads, re posts, and comments - then they will simply move on to another account that has more credibility.
  1. Build a network
    Networking and collaboration is a two way street. The best way to gain meaningful followers is to be one yourself. Use the Search and Charts to find and follow like minded creators, listen carefully and give honest feedback often. Think quality over quantity, tailor your suggestions, constructive criticism, or praise according to each track and profile. Fellow creators will value your genuine contribution and will do the same for you - that'll help you get Soundcloud comments.

These days, micro-job sites are a hot trend. Get Soundcloud comments is the perfect area - which fits well in those sites. You don't have to go far - and start searching in Google for that, as Pure Money has it's own tool for that: Small

Small has already helped various artists, musicians, lyricists and many others to promote their music with Soundcloud promotion. High quality Soundcloud marketers are waiting to jump on opportunities for as low as $5 - as they'll make money this way.

You will be provided with real human Soundcloud comments which will push you into the social media spotlight and raise your brand recognition. You will see a fast increase of plays! More professional feedback means it improves the reliability and the reputation of your content, and hence the value of your offer for business.

  1. Sound Music
    Post your Soundcloud comments' requirement as a suggestion in this FREE micro-job website. You can get as many comments as you want in a very short time - for spending as low as $5. Connect with the workers - to get even more comments for a very cheap price - if you can build a strong relationship with them.

If you do some research you will see that all trending songs on this network will all have a credible amount of positive comments. You can use the Soundcloud comments section of Get Free Followers - that allows you to increase SoundCloud comments for FREE - so that you can move faster up the rankings and be noticed as an artist to watch out for (described below). If you have a large number of plays but no one is leaving any comments it will leave a question is your listeners mind as to why no one is commenting on your songs. Due to the large amount of artists uploading new songs, people will always check the comments to see if that song is worth listening to so it is very important that you either get Soundcloud comments from Get Free Followers or you take the correct steps to get them on your own.

  1. Quality over quantity
    When people visit your SoundCloud profile, they will press play on the first track; if they really enjoy it, there's a high chance you got yourself a new follower. If they don't like it, they will hopefully give you another chance and check out the second one.

But if they don't like that one either, they're gone forever.

A common mistake among artists who are just starting out is that they upload most of the tracks they make. If this is your case, what you need to do is select only the best and delete the rest. This will increase the overall quality of the music on your profile and it will reflect on stats such as likes, reposts and follower count.

I know it might be hard to delete a song from your SoundCloud if you put passion and hard work into it. It might be even harder to decide what to delete. You can guide yourself by the number of likes and reposts, or you can ask for feedback from someone you trust and know they'll be honest.

  1. Soundcloud Comments
    Just show the world how talented you are via Soundcloud. It provides the great opportunity for fresh and experienced people to expose great tracks. Get Free Followers drives REAL targeted traffic to your page, leading to more plays, likes, comments, reposts and followers! You can also make some bucks - by commenting on others' tracks - the above article will guide you on this.

So who exactly is SoundCloud good for? Well aside from being an awesome tool for you and me to quickly discover new music, SoundCloud is also great for artists and record labels, particularly smaller ones.

My SoundCloud favourites are populated mostly by tracks from obscure artists, some just starting out, who I would never have discovered were it not for the service. Similarly, many of these artists and producers would never have received the same level of exposure had it not been for SoundCloud.

So there's your final reason to sign up, download and wallow in the SoundCloud service. If you'd like to share any tracks, your profile or artists in the comments then go ahead. Are you having problems to get Soundcloud comments? Post your thoughts in the comment box below.

Twitter exchange


Stumbleupon ads

  1. How to get traffic from Twitter?
    For some people Twitter is a way to put their thoughts out about what's going on. For us bloggers Twitter is a valuable tool to get more people to read our content.
  2. How to get Retweets?
    Retweeting helps build your brand and follower's loyalty. Well here are multiple ways you can boost it as well - in Get Free Followers!
  3. Get Favorites on Twitter
    Tweets you 'Like' show up in Discover tab. And your previous Likes on your profile. Retweets and favorites are great ways to get your message out to millions on Twitter.
  4. How to make money from Twitter Followers?
    If you spend much time, you've certainly run across a number of bots, serial followers, and otherwise spammy accounts. Get Free Followers is not one of them!
  1. Stumbleupon Followers
    Being a member of Stumbleupon since the beginning of time, lots of users then decided to give Get Free Followers a try - was indeed the decision of their lifetime!
  2. Stumbleupon marketing
    2011, Forbes published that SU had surpassed FB as source of traffic in USA. Get Free Followers is the 1st in web to provide you such service!
  3. Reddit SEO
    FREE traffic. Get to the Front Page of Reddit. Engage with target audience!
    1. How to get Upvotes on Reddit?
    2. Reddit Karma
      If someone has lots of karma - means he contributed popular content to the site.
    3. Post on Reddit
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