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Types of web banner

As technologies and advertising trends keep changing and developing, so do Web Banners. Banners ads come in various forms offering the opportunity to advertise in a variety of ways that best suits a campaign in the making. Types of web banner are normally identified based upon their characteristics and dimensions:
  1. Static web banner

    : Is a one-screen image that contains text, and graphics in .gif, .jpg or .png format. They are widely accepted as they can be purchased at economical prices, they are not intrusive, and their file size is small as they do not contain any plug-ins. Using static web banners does not affect the browsing experience, however it is hard to fit in a lot of details and they can be easily overlooked.

    Benefits of static made banner ads include:
    1. Static banners made for the web can provide you with a cost effect means of marketing online products and services.
    2. Many prefer static web banners for particular campaigns as they are, a safe option for virtually everything. This banner is a popular choice when there is uncertainty regarding what to expect from a target audience.
    3. Static web banners are often preferred for their conservative, clean line look and feel as this removes the opportunity to "fill" the ad with useless information or effects. It is a known fact that people are less likely to respond positively when the ad is obviously "advertising" as this creates an impression where the market virtually feels "pushed into" wanting to take notice. People favour choice and control over their own decisions.
    4. Static web banners are an ideal type of advertising in behavioural marketing and only deliver what's relevant.

  1. Animated GIF banner

    : These banners contain a small amount of animation to deliver the message. Multiple frames are saved in .gif format and are connected to display the output on a rotational basis. This creates a sense of animation or movement. They are generally accepted for their low file size but the ongoing rotation can annoy the web surfer if it is not on a set cycle. In order to really get the effect that you desire with the most impact, animated GIF banner should always be designed within this 256 colour palette. If this is done, your ad is ensured to look its best on all monitors. Photographs used in GIF animations are advised to be viewed on a low resolution monitor first and foremost before being used in a banner ad. This is because photographs contain an enormous selection of colours and thus may not look as good as a 256 colour image.

    Benefits of animated GIF banner ads include:
    1. GIF file formats are one of the most widely used and supported by web publishers.
    2. GIF animation is more often than not one of the best cost effective solutions for small businesses looking to advertise using banner ad campaigns.
    3. Animated GIF banners are not all about massive media hype but focus more on the "punch" message that is being delivered. GIF animations offer the benefit of using substance ahead of "flashiness" giving a viewer a more attractive ad. A designer will need to cleverly make use of colour in an animated GIF banner so that is it immediately appealing and not irritating. Copywriting can make or break a banner ad and it is important to ensure that it delivers on its promises. A good way to communicate a message effectively is to "tell a story" that engages a viewer.
    4. More special effects can be designed in an animated GIF banner since the smallest possible web safe colour palette is used.
    5. Timing of animated GIF frames can be controlled.
  1. Flash banner

    : Is a sophisticated banner includes smooth animation and sound making it highly interactive. It is possible to fit a story in the ad and deliver it in a professional manner. This catches the customer's eye resulting in higher clicks. Flash banners are usually .swf files that include play-pause buttons, close buttons, in-banner navigation systems, rollover buttons, checkboxes, and sound on/off buttons. Also interactive banners can change their size based on end user action. However, it is not widely accepted because not all publishers are willing to use this form of intrusive advertising that is expensive to design. Further, it requires a Flash Player that decrease the rate at which the ad loads.

    Benefits of flash made banner ads include:
    1. Interactive nature Flash banners interact with the viewer and urge them to "engage" with the ad and its message. Flash banners work well with a viewer where interaction is concerned because people are able to run their mouse over the ad as well as click on links.
    2. Flash banners receive higher CTR (click through rates or ratio) than other banner design types.
    3. Studies show that flash banner ads are more likely to build a strong online advertising campaign than other types.

Banner Advertising

Marketing Techniques

  1. What is web banner?
    A graphical web advertising unit, typically measuring 468 pixels wide and 60 pixels tall.
  2. Standard banner ad sizes
  3. Banner advertising benefits
    Big companies are increasing their banner advertising budget distribution, because of its benefits compared to traditional advertising.
  4. History of banner advertising
  5. Types of web banner
  6. Banner advertising tips
  7. Online ad revenue models
    Cost of advertising online depends on the online ad revenue models, i.e. size of your banner and the website where you will be advertising.
  8. How to increase your CTR?
  9. Banner ad services
  10. Effective banner ad
    Using these tips, you should be able to develop an effective banner that leaves a favourable impression on potential clients.
  1. Things you should always take into consideration when trying to market your site are: people that you are trying to reach. Also the methods that you will use in your plan to be successful.

    Learn how to conduct banner promotions, generate targeted online traffic, positioning your content, and brand awareness. The 10 best ways to promote your site on the web today are :

    1. Affiliate Marketing
    2. Application Marketing
    3. Web banner
    4. Contextual advertising
    5. Relationship Marketing
    6. Email advertisement
    7. SMS marketing services
    8. Pay Per Click internet marketing
    9. Social Media
    10. Online video marketing

How to use Pinterest for business?

FREE service to make updating your social networks a snap!
People aren't aware of the power under Pinterest's hood because it is so simple. When I first joined Pinterest five years ago, I thought it was so cool. Here, I didn't have to worry about posting regularly or SEO or followers. I could just lurk, pin, and relax.

But those were the early days of Pinterest. Back then, you might have thought that finally there was a social media network that was easy to get and fun to play with. Well, Google Analytics has lifted the curtain on this delusional belief (at least for me). Sure, you can still play around on Pinterest, when you have time, but you see Pinterest is awesome for search engine optimization (SEO).

  1. Ask a question
    Welcome to Make money answering questions, where you can earn a living simply by asking questions and receiving answers from other members of the community. You can ask this question into this Q&A community of entrepreneurs - and may be you'll get more points for your help.

One trick before your post your question to the above community - don't forget to attach your Pinterest profile url to your public signature. HTML's are allowed in the signature as well. You'll surely get people interested to know about you - as this is a very highly targeted niche community. And soon you may well see your followers growing.

Now let's dive into the topic here. As some people are not very regular on the social media, there may be a time that most of your followers on Pinterest may not check the content on a daily basis. This means that most of the audience will not get to know your activities, most of the people also have a number of hundreds pinner and this will leave you in the crowd. This is where Get Free Followers' repins will make you stand out the crowds and more and more people will check your profile because of a huge number of repins they'll get to see on your pins.

  1. How to get more Repins on Pinterest?
    Getting tons of Repins for your Pinterest Pins is one of the best ways today to get quality targeted traffic to your website. And with Get Free Followers, you can even earn some cash out of it!

One immediate benefit when setting up and optimizing your business Pinterest page, and then receiving Repins from Get Free Followers - is improved SEO and search rankings. Here are 5 ways Get Free Followers can help boost your SEO and improve your digital marketing strategy, by Pinterest Repins:

  1. Google
    Pinterest content is being crawled and indexed by Google, therefore it will impact your SEO rankings. Think of it as an opportunity to outrank a competitor for a keyword. If you are pinning on behalf of your organization, take the time to optimize Pinterest photo comments with important keyword phrases. If you have control over image file names when originally published, take the time to optimize photo descriptions for keywords as well.
  2. Link building using the Pin It button
    Pinterest has a "pin it" button similar to the Facebook "like" button and Twitter's "tweet" button. You can add a "pin it" button to your blog so users can share your images on Pinterest with a link back to your site. This gives you another opportunity to build backlink.
  3. Content
    Pinterest is unique because it is the only social networking site focused solely on sharing images. You likely do not have to go far to find an inventory of photos, graphics and videos in your organization. For example, design and architecture firms have projects, real estate agents have listings, product companies have products, services companies such as vacation and leisure have snap shots of places, artists have art, sports-related companies have action shots, non-profits have people and places and event pictures, technology companies have conferences and infographics, and so on.
  4. Improve your social signals (and rankings)
    We know that social signals are factored into Google's and Bing's organic search algorithms. Pinterest Repins provide yet another opportunity for your visitors, prospects and customers to generate social signals (Tweets, Likes, Shares, Google +1's, and now Pins). Social signals indicate to Google that people want to socialize your content with people they have relationships with, which signals that your content is relevant.
  5. Increase your rankings and prominence in local search
    As a business owner - you must already be aware of Google local search! The meteoric rise of Pinterest means it will become more and more relevant to local search results. To gain the full benefit of this opportunity, you can create a board highlighting local attractions of your business' city or region. Pin images of landmarks related to your business, like your storefront - and get it Repinned by Get Free Followers. This information illustrates your connection to the area and lets local customers know where to visit and find you.

And the Pinterest team is serious about their business. Recently they raised an additional $100 million from some noteworthy investors.

Vine ideas


Vimeo music videos

  1. Revine king
    You should always look for people to watch your videos, expanding your reach within Vine. However, this is only possible if there are people who actually view your page and share your videos. This is done by getting Revines.
  2. Free Vine Followers
  3. I want to be famous Vine
    There are lots of reasons for why should you boost Vine comments that amalgamate into a super-huge reason that is to make you famous on Vine! This will actually help you lead your clip to be included in the Famous page and build a stronger Profile on Vine.
  4. How to get Vine Likes?
    Use Get Free Followers to receive safe and guaranteed Vine Likes.
  5. How to get more Loops on Vine?
    One Vine Loop is equal to one view from a IP address. Every Vine channel that has ever been started has always had the same problem: No loops! It languishes in mediocrity ... unless it gets a boost from our Vine Loops service!
  1. Vimeo for business
    As an artist, business owner or just a creative individual, you would like to stream videos in HD quality, and that is exactly what you get at Vimeo!
  2. Vimeo Videos
    Willing to get real Vimeo Comments for FREE? Then you are at the right place. Make your video look viral over the web. Get real Vimeo Comments instantly at Get Free Followers from active users to increase video popularity.
  3. Vimeo promotion
    There is more than one reason why you should be looking to increase Vimeo Likes for your videos. A video which receives large number of likes from many people is seen as trustworthy in comparison to that one which receives less likes.
  4. Increase Vimeo views
    As of December 2011, Vimeo attracts 65 million unique visitors per month and more than 8 million registered users. Get Free Followers is the perfect tool for unlimited video plays and push your video in Vimeo's most viewed charts.
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