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Contextual ad for publishers

I would like to make an economic argument for giving contextual ad publishers the ability to filter their ads by keyword, to earn additional income by simply putting content based contextual text ads & contextual banner ads on their website & blogs. Today I am feeling really sad about the contextual ads that have been showing on one of my websites. I am getting ads with titles such as "Afghanistan Sex"..."Pakistan Girls"..."Pakistan XXX"!!! I really like contextual ad for publishers, but when they arrive with this type of content I feel a twisting pain in my gut. I am willing to bet one month's pay that some visitors to my site have seen these ads and have done at least one of the following....
  1. Questioned my sincerity
  2. Questioned my integrity
  3. Used the backbutton
  4. Left my site
  5. Doubted the reliability of my content
  6. Decided not to link to my site
  7. Formed a bad impression of my "brand"
If these ads do the damage listed above, then they are hurting the success of a website and thus the income that it produces for the website owner and the income that it delivers to the provider of the advertising. Perhaps these ads are getting clicked enough to be among the ads served, but I think that the income that they bring to me is more than offset by the potential response of my visitors. They also change the way that I feel about what I am doing.

Roger Montti (martinibuster) was up first to talk about Google adsense Integration. He broke up the different types of Web sites that have AdSense on them. When is an AdSense optimized site created to induce clicks versus presenting relevant content? He shows an example of a blog with AdSense outside on bottom left. He said if you move it to the middle, it will increase CTR. What is relevant information? On average bounce rates are up to 50%. AdSense Ads are content too, well, kinda... You need to treat them as blocks of content, integrate your ads using the same blending you would to other content, and monetize the 30 - 50% who bounce away without alienating visitors who are there for your content.

Tips: Use the same color background and text and think of your ads as part of your content but don't overdue it. He said he is experimenting using CSS to embed AdSense to float AdSense ads to any area of the page, he noticed a 13% CTR on those.

Jennifer Slegg from JenSense (aka JenStar) was up next to talk about increasing your AdSense earnings with testing. She says it is one of the easiest ways to increase your earnings is by testing. Testing variations of colors, placement, ad unit sizes and more can make a difference in your earnings. There is a sweet spot on one site that might not be a sweet spot on the same site (different content or template can dictate the sweet spot), so you must test. What can testing do for you?
  1. Increase earnings,
  2. you can apply what you learn and
  3. it will help on other sites.

  1. Tools for testing AdSense

    office google tools (custom channels, url channels), AdSense Preview Tool and The only way to get specific earnings data is from Google's Official Tools.
  2. Third party tools

    know what specific ads are being clicks on, what page they are located on and what IP clicked. Get CTR color data on a title, description, URL, border and background level, does not have any earnings data, and download .csv data from control panel and graph earning trends. Start your testing, keep track of those results, timing is everything, avoid holiday weeks in the country of your primary traffic. She goes over the pros and cons of Custom and URL channels (she prefers custom channels for doing testing).
  3. What Should you Test? Ad Unit colors

    test border-less techniques, size and placement, above the fold, right column placement even above fold is the worse place to put it. Final thoughts, test on regular basis, try all variables, keep track of those changes.

Venkat Kolluri eMiniMalls was next up, he will be giving the inside story from the company perspective of contextual ad for publishers. There are online publishers and online audience, and there are lots of merchants/advertisers with products and services (connecting them the right way and at right time is important). How do you turn page views into profits? First they need to turn the content, keywords, topics and categories into "Currency Tokens" to be used for the contextual ad for publishers. How do they do this?
  1. They need a really good, real time spidering system to extract the content.
  2. Text mining to quickly identify the meat of the content on the page.
  3. Info extraction (currency tokens),
  4. ad selection (maximize revenue) and
  5. feedback loop.

What is contextual advertising?

Marketing Techniques

  1. What is contextual advertising?
  2. How contextual ads work?
    1. Ad classification
    2. Pay Per Click content
    3. Keyword discovery
    4. Relevance in advertising
  3. Highest Pay Per Click keywords
  4. Facts about industry
    You need to know these, before you decide to choose from image and text ads.
  5. Pay Per Click fraud
  6. Context aware ad network
  7. Benefits of context ad
  8. Pay Per Click conversion
    What is it about? Navigate to see...
  9. Best ad agencies in the world
    You can make a lot of money through your web page if you sign up for the best ad agencies in the world.
  10. Contextual ad for publishers
  1. Things you should always take into consideration when trying to market your site are: people that you are trying to reach. Also the methods that you will use in your plan to be successful.

    Learn how to conduct banner promotions, generate targeted online traffic, positioning your content, and brand awareness. The 10 best ways to promote your site on the web today are :

    1. Affiliate Marketing
    2. Application Marketing
    3. Web banner
    4. Contextual advertising
    5. Relationship Marketing
    6. Email advertisement
    7. SMS marketing services
    8. Pay Per Click internet marketing
    9. Social Media
    10. Online video marketing

How to get your music heard?

FREE service to make updating your social networks a snap!
The physical technology and the conceptual structure of the Internet have given music followers the ability to craft their own online experiences. If one artist is not providing the type of fan engagement a consumer seeks, the odds are very high that some other comparable artist is. This puts the fan in a position of greater power and influence than ever seen before in the music industry.

But this isn't necessarily bad news for musicians, labels, mangers, or anyone else in the chain that profits from controlling how people experience their content, and eventually - how to get your music heard. Savvy bands that tap into existing and developing technologies can deliver something to their music followers that satiates their demand for an insider glimpse - while also keeping control over the band's image.

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If you are a professional music artist / selling professional music products - then we recommend you to use the above mentioned advertising methods. If you are rather looking to get more followers / subscribers to the music networking profiles - well don't be disappointed - we have some great options for you here yet - all for FREE.

Actually, There's no shortage of lists on how bands can get free music promotion, but I'd like to add this one more here. My hope is that this one is a bit more up to date, and shines light on some of the great free tools that have emerged in the past 2-3 years. If you have any other great tips for promoting music for free, feel free to add them in the comments below!

  1. How to add MySpace Connections?
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  2. How to get Reverbnation Fans?
    Reverbnation is the hub for online music presence. Reverbnation is Myspace's rightful heir in the music realm. Not only does it offer you a whole plethora of possibilities to set up your music profile and market it, but it also links to both Facebook and Twitter. This makes Reverbnation a really streamlined hub for all your social media activities.

    Use the Get Free Followers tool to get the most out of Reverbnation.
  3. Free Soundcloud Followers
    What once hatched as music sharing tool among artists, Soundcloud is now full publishing platform to upload all kind of audio media and share to the world. Soundcloud has a huge platform to hear your tracks, so utilize Get Free Followers and reach your targeted people without any hesitancy.

Social Media is revolutionising the Music industry. There was a time when celebrity musicians were positioned as unreachable idols. Those days are long gone; in today's wired marketplace, musicians have to forge a personal relationship with their audience to keep their music followers' interest. And for many, that means creating opportunities for fans to have an inside look into all aspects of an artist's life.

The digital music space of 2009 looks very similar to the Internet application space in 1999 - a sea of new technologies, venture-funded start-ups all hoping that their product will be the killer app to revolutionize the business. Many of these will fail, but a handful (e.g. Get Free Followers and the ones mentioned above) will survive and change the way the industry operates. Assembling a core toolbox of these digital fan engagement assets is a critical step in marketing an artist moving forward. For musicians (or the team managing their online presence), it is essential to pay attention to available technologies and constantly evaluate what will enhance their fans' interactions with the band.

Music advertising


VK social media

  1. MySpace Music Like
    MySpace has a high value because of it's massive userbase, which in turn provides a potentially rich source of advertising income. Given the audience is a young demographic it's a very lucrative market for advertisers.
  2. MySpace Music Play
  3. Make money with MySpace
  4. Reverbnation Plays increaser
    With almost four million registered People on Reverbnation it would be a mistake for anyone to take that marketing chance for granted. Get on the Reverbnation Trending Now list with the help of Get Free Followers!
  5. How to get Reverbnation Fans?
  6. Soundcloud Comments
    Just show the world how talented you are via Soundcloud. Get Free Followers drives REAL targeted traffic to your page, leading to more plays, likes, comments, reposts and followers!
  7. Free Soundcloud Likes
  8. How to get more Plays on Soundcloud?
  1. VK Page
  2. VK find Friends
  3. VK promotion
    VK public Groups are organically searchable in Yandex which is the top Russian search engine. Get Free Followers provides you this professional and super fast service to give 100% REAL and active VK users - willing to be members of your Group and make it popular.
  4. VK photos
  5. VK like
  6. VK post
  7. VK marketing
    Get Free Followers can help your VK Post reach millions of VK users, without needing you to spend much time on it!
  8. VK videos
    Do you know that you can also post videos in VK - the Russian Facebook? Yes - as you guessed it by now - VK, the social giant, can also be used for marketing your videos.
  9. VK video player
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