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Email list building

One of the secrets to having a successful small business is email list building of customers and potential customers. How do you grow your own opt-in email list? Instead of sending spam to people who are not interested, you want an email list with people who have chosen to receive information from you, also known as an opt-in email list. Marketing to a permission-based email list is a proven, cost-effective way to increase revenue and improve customer loyalty. Keep the following do's and don'ts in mind from the minute you start building your list and you'll see the results.


  1. Leverage Marketing Programs you already have
    No one can opt in if they don't know you have valuable information to share, so don't forget to:
    1. Include a line in mail that links to your site's sign-up page when you purchase or rent a list for a campaign,
    2. back to your website from listings you have on on partner or affiliate sites.
    3. Bring a computer to tradeshows and ask visitors to your booth to sign-up for your email list building.
    4. Keep sign-up cards by your store's register.
    5. Refer listeners to your website in your radio ads.
  2. Make it Easy to Opt In
    Once people are on your site, make it easy to opt in by having a very visible link on the home page, or other webpage(s). Signing up should take as little time as possible, so don't ask for too much information at this point.

  1. Know your target market
    When someone opts in, ask only a few questions, like company name, industry, or location. You can also include a survey in your emails to gauge interests. Understand where people are coming from so you can make adjustments in future communications or promotions. One of the best resources for helping you in email list building is your existing opt-in list! Take advantage of it.
  2. Consider the 4 Cs
    Clear. Concise. Compelling. Customer-centric. When you write an email, put yourself in the reader's shoes and ask, "Why shouldn't I hit the delete key right now?" Your readers are not opting in because they want to hear a sales pitch. They have a need - to save time, money, or effort, and of course improve productivity and success. Your message must be compelling enough to convince people to sign up, valuable enough to keep them wanting more, and useful enough to pass along.
  3. Pssst-Pass it On!
    "Word-of-mouth" works in the online world too, it's called "viral marketing." A good message will be passed along. Your next job is to make it easy to forward your email to others, who will forward it to others, and so on. If the people it's forwarded to like what they see, they will opt in too, so include forward or subscribe instructions like a one-click "forward" link in every email you send.


  1. Offer Fabulous Prizes for Signing Up
    While this might seem like a good idea, you'll end up with subscribers want to win a prize, not learn useful information about your company and/or products. The prize should be the useful information you provide so offer a newsletter, a free seminar, or more information about your products & services.
  2. Deluge Your Subscribers with Too Many Emails
    How much is too much? It depends on your message so set expectations. Let people know what they're in for before they hit the 'submit' button. After they've had time to digest the information, ask a sample from your list what is the 'right' number of emails; they'll let you know. Otherwise you'll find out the hard way with an unsubscribe request.
  3. Be Everything to Everyone
    Your sign-up messaging, as well as the information in all of your emails should be focused and hit a nerve. Don't be afraid to address audience's needs one at a time. Hit the crucial ones first, and save the rest for later to keep them on your list and wanting more.. If you're too generic, in hopes of getting more people to opt in, you'll end up being "nothing to everyone."
  4. Spend Too Much Money Acquiring Names
    An opt-in list is a valuable asset - and that means an investment on your part for email list building and maintain it. But: budget appropriately and ahead of time, find the most cost-effective ways for reaching your target audience and know how much each name will cost. Keep in mind potential revenue, and lifetime value of each customer, and choose accordingly.
  5. Live in a Vacuum
    Continually view, read, and explore how other companies or organizations - from competitors and partners, to businesses in completely different industries - build their opt-in lists. Most will use the same tried-and-true techniques, but you'll spot an occasional guerilla tactic that will inspire you to try something new - it just might work for you too.

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