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How to write business email?

How to write business email?Knowing how to write business email is probably the most vital component of your success. In my world, I spend a good portion of my day wading through email. These days, business emails are an important platform for projecting that image. In fact some days I spend more time engaging with email, than I do with the telephone. Does that sound familiar to you?

Unfortunately, since there isn't a warm voice accompanying the message, or a handshake sealing a deal, email messaging can easily be misinterpreted, leading to sometimes painful consequences, for both the sender and the receiver. Recently Linda Sheppler, my colleague at Experient, put together a terrific "Email Etiquette" document that outlined the following excellent tips:
  1. Tip #1: Begin each email with a greeting. No matter how pressed for time you are, a simple greeting such as "Hi," "Hello," or "Dear X" is good etiquette. Otherwise, if you launch into your email without a greeting or introduction you risk being perceived as impolite or impatient.

  1. Tip #2: Take the time to ensure your subject line accurately reflects the contents and nature of your email. This will go a long way to ensure that your email gets the attention and consideration it deserves.
  2. Tip #3: Be as concise as possible. Your recipients will appreciate it if you keep your email brief, and to the point, and you'll also increase your chances of getting a timely reply.
  1. Tip #4: Ask permission before forwarding another person's email correspondence. Even if you're confident the other person wouldn't mind if you forward their email to someone else, it's proper etiquette to check first, so you don't risk violating their trust.How to write business email?
  2. Tip #5: Reply to emails in a timely fashion. If you know in advance you can't give an email the attention it deserves, at the moment, give the sender a quick heads-up that you have received their email but haven't had time to review it yet.
  3. Tip #6: Send personal emails from your non-work account. Sending personal emails from work is generally "frowned upon" in business, but occasionally we all need to send a personal email during working hours. In this instance, use a web-based email account such as Yahoo or Hotmail.
  4. Tip #7: Remember that your business email, both the address and all correspondence, is the property of the company you work for. Anything you've ever sent or received-even if you've deleted it-could potentially be retrieved from the system by a database administrator at any time.
  5. Tip #8: Use the blind carbon copy (BCC) function when you send a bulk email. Some people consider having their email address exposed to a long list of strangers an invasion of privacy.
  1. Tip #9: Always proofread email before sending! Check for spelling, edit awkward sentences and soften message tone. Delete unnecessary text (previous strings, if replying to an email) unless they are relevant to the conversation.
  2. Tip #10: Wait until AFTER you've proofread your message to enter in email addresses. Hitting the "send" button at the wrong moment can be both embarrassing and disastrous!!

It's important for you to know how to write business email, and some of the previous tips will help you in writing a concise business email. For example, the active voice that was mentioned is less wordy and more concise. It is easier for the reader to understand and keeps the message flowing smoothly. Here are a few more tips on writing a concise business email:

  1. You can start being concise from the very beginning by making a very brief summary in the subject line.
  2. The very first sentence needs to say specifically what you want from the reader. The first paragraph will have all the pertinent information.
  3. The second paragraph explains reasons and gives details.
  4. Before your signature, include a sentence that is positive about the reader or that is motivating, like "Thank you..." or "We need to improve..."

The entire email needs to provide the most important information at the beginning. The sentences in the email should get progressively less important. Never leave a key point for the end.

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