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Creative direct marketing

It's a creative direct marketing business-to-buyer avenue of selling that's streamlined, efficient, profitable - but only when a market wants your offering. Smart marketers know that creative direct marketing can play a crucial role in B2B lead generation. In many developed countries, direct mail represents such a significant amount of total volume of mail that special rate classes are established. In US and UK, bulk mail rates enable marketers to send mail at rates that're substantially lower than regular 1st-class rates. To qualify for these rates, marketers must format and sort the mail in particular ways, reducing the handling (and costs) required by postal service. In US, marketers send over 90 billion pieces of direct mail per year. Adapting to recent marketing trends, also setting the brand apart from competitors is the way to creative direct marketing.
  1. Sell Solutions to Problems, Not Products

    No one cares about your widgets. What they care about are their own needs and wants. Bob doesn't want a drill, he wants a hole. Mary doesn't want a dress, she wants to look thin at the party. Alice doesn't want an investment newsletter, she wants to find a great investment that will let her retire at 45. Ted doesn't want a recipe book, he wants new ways to impress his friends at dinner parties and generate the compliments he thrives on.
  2. Appeal to Emotion First, Reason Second

    Direct marketers are number-crunching, logical people. It's easy for us to fall into a cold, left brain, bullet-pointed, 714-reasons-why type of sales pitch. However, people make decisions in the right brain based on emotion, then justify that with logic. To set up a sale, appeal to emotion 1st. Then, to close and confirm the sale, use logic.

  1. Use Proven Techniques

    While there is no set of universal techniques for all circumstances, there are a few that are nearly universal to creative direct marketing. According to Bob Stone, the guru of gurus in creative direct marketing:
    1. A yes/no offer usually out-pulls offers without a no option.
    2. A negative-option offer usually out-pulls a positive option offer.
    3. An offer with a time limit usually out-pulls an offer with no time limit.
    4. An offer with a free gift usually out-pulls discount offers, especially when the gift closely matches your prospect's self-interest.
    5. Sweepstakes usually increase order volume, especially for impulse items (though sweepstakes customers will not be loyal).
    6. Benefits out-pull features.
    7. The more involved you can get people, and the more they read, the greater your chance for success.
    8. Envelope packages usually outpull self-mailers.
  1. Value Content Over Form

    One of the primary reasons advertising fails is that ad creators often get caught up in a creative vision without having anything to say. One agency has repeatedly sent me mockups of mailers and brochures with tiny blank spaces it wants me to fill in with copy. When I ask about the purpose of the piece or point out that the design should be based on what needs to be communicated, I am gently told to just write something the right length and everything will work out fine.

    This is nonsense. Don't start with a "look," start with content. Allow your design to develop naturally from your copy.
  2. Make Sure You're Doing Creative Direct Marketing

    Every creative direct marketing message includes 3 basic elements:
    1. an offer;
    2. enough information for immediate acceptance of the offer; and
    3. a mechanism for responding to the offer.

    Without each of these, you are not doing "CREATIVE" direct marketing but merely using a medium associated with direct marketing.
  3. Consider Two-step Sales

    There are two basic ways to make a sale in creative direct marketing:
    1. the single shot, where you get an immediate order; or
    2. the two-step, where you generate inquiries and attempt to convert those inquiries into sales.

    If your product is expensive, complex, new, hard-to-understand, or requires a major commitment of some kind, two-step sales may net you more profit in the long run than single shots.

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