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Pay per visit email

Pay per visit emailLast year, a brand new email marketing service called Pay per visit email was launched. SEO & PPC without Email is like... Salad with no dressing. It's like peanut butter with no jelly. It's like Thelma with no Louise.

Well, not really. Really, it's like an expensive marketing campaign that's not performing to its full potential. It's like leaving money on the table. It's like buying a full-page ad in The Post without including your contact information.

Pay per visit email, a self-service email service provider, developed an easy-to-use email marketing software system that saves businesses money, maximizing the return on their investment in email marketing campaigns. The service was formed on the premise of lowering the costs of email marketing. Currently, they have two pricing options:
  1. $0.05 per click on email
  2. $3 per 1000 emails sent

For certain industries with low click-through rates, Pay per visit email certainly pays off. Insurance industry, for example, has average CTR of just 0.5%. On a list of 10,000 subscribers, one would expect only about 50 clicks. At PPC rate of 5 cents each, the campaign would cost only $2.50. By comparison, AWeber charges $69 for lists of up to 10,000.

Pay per visit email is the first in the email marketing software industry to base their success on their customer's success in getting prospects to click through to their e-commerce websites. While most email competitors charge their customers on some version of "volume of emails sent", Pay per visit email charges their customers only when an email recipient clicks through to a website. Pay per visit email eliminates the risk of paying for emails that are not acted on, or even opened! Pay per visit email's success is their customer's success in driving traffic to the customer's website. No traffic, no cost for the email.

According to David Chitester, CEO and Founder of Pay per visit email, "We recognized that there was a great way to differentiate ourselves from other email marketing services. It makes no sense to charge people if their email marketing isn't delivering results and driving traffic to their website. We developed a simple, but powerful, email marketing software that delivers on the promise of low cost and flexible functionality, while stripping away unneeded bells and whistles that do nothing for the customer's bottom line."

By using Pay per visit email, companies can save up to 95% of what they would spend with competing email marketing services. Customers can begin to use the Pay per visit email software after three easy steps: Sign-up, Create an email, Send an email campaign. There is no monthly minimum required, no contract and no risk. Pay per visit email delivers results, click by click.

When looking for the best email marketing solution for your business, you'll want to begin with a strategy for your marketing campaign. Your email service provider is also a part of your strategy, on your short list of email marketing solutions. Pretty much all email marketing software providers charge you based on the number of emails sent. Yet, as any email marketer knows, only a fraction of these sent emails will actually be opened and even fewer will get clicked. So, what would you say about an email marketing provider which charges based on email clicks, not emails sent?

Pay per visit email is unique in that they charge you only when your client or prospect clicks the link in your email. Their email broadcast software will get your email through, and your strategies will bring you success. PPV Email has worked hard to create a business that offers what email marketers need - the lowest prices, ease of use, no contracts or minimums, no monthly fees, just the tools you need to succeed in email marketing. Details can be found on the company's website at Pay per visit email.

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