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Low budget marketing

I'm sure most of you had thoughts about managing what you would consider being a dream account. Don't have a lot of time or money to spend within AdWords? Unless you are one of the lucky PPC managers with unlimited budget as long as you hit ROI targets, or you have the bravado to ignore budgets to prove your management machismo, your best bet is to come in right on the mark. You know, a high-spending client that generates tons of sales with CPA inline. Heck, maybe you even access to a full landing page design and backend development team who are awaiting orders. Unfortunately, this just isn't realistic for those of us who work with smaller accounts that need to make every dollar count. I generally worry about three things when it comes to managing monthly budget targets:
  1. Going over budget,
  2. Getting too far under budget and
  3. Blowing through our budget before the end of the month.
Of these worries, preventing over-spend is probably the easiest problem to avoid.

  1. Focus on phrase and exact match. This will allow you to maintain the most control over your keyword and query matching, without sacrificing much volume. This will also help you cut overall costs and CPA in general since you're not wasting spend on loosely matching broad keywords. If you've already exhausted phrase and exact match, you might consider adding modified broad match variations to enhance the reach of your best keywords.

  1. Avoid having too many campaigns.
  2. Breakout your poor performers. The idea is simple; move your poor performing keywords into their own campaigns or ad groups, and leave your best performing keywords so they remain unaffected. This will allow you to ensure that your best performing terms aren't limited, while also cutting back on wasted costs from non-converting keywords.
  3. Leverage branded campaigns when possible. If you're like me, you probably already know that some campaigns perform better than others. Branded campaigns, for example, tend to have higher conversion rates simply because of the brand recognition. If you haven't established much of a branded presence, it is still worth spending the time to create a campaign for your branded terms. As your impressions grow over time, users can become more likely to recognize and do business with your brand.
  4. Target the most profitable geo locations.
  1. Target lower ad positions. This is a strategy designed to divert unwanted costs from aimless clicking and therefore helps reduce CPA as well. Many agree that positions 1-2 and 2-3 tend to work best for branded and non-branded campaigns, respectively. Simply have a look at your average positions, and then adjust your bids and/or Quality Scores accordingly.
  2. Pay close attention to Quality Scores. This strategy is universal for any account regardless of size because it helps you save money on click costs. Based on what we know about the Ad Rank formula (AdRank = Max CPC x QS), Quality score becomes the variable that allows us to achieve the same Ad Rank for a lower CPC bid. Be sure to check out our extensive guide for more help on improving Quality Score in your own accounts.
  3. Continually reassess campaign budgets.
  4. Launch new campaigns with negative keywords. This can be a helpful way to avoid unwanted search queries in new campaigns. Depending on the price of your average CPC bids, this could lead to a lot of wasted click costs on any given day. You can also add embedded negatives to help funnel your campaign traffic to the appropriate ad group and keyword match type, which will help reduce cross contamination from the start. Just be careful not to block out anything that you're unsure about. When in doubt, test it out!
  5. Avoid testing too much. With smaller accounts, your testing strategies should be very controlled and conservative. I would recommend starting small when your CPA is sufficient to handle poor performance after failed test results. This way, you can still be testing things in your account, but performance won't get too far out of control. Possible areas worth testing include new networks, devices, engines, campaigns, match types and much more.
  6. Maximize your real estate. With a low budget marketing, every little bit counts. This is why it becomes important to maximize your SERP real estate. A quick and easy way to accomplish this is through the use of ad extensions. For example, you might consider adding click-to-call capabilities to successful mobile campaigns or adding a handful of sitelinks to your search campaigns. Regardless, ad extensions will definitely help ensure that your ads stand out from the rest.

Marketing made easy


Relationship Marketing

  1. How to create a banner in html?
  2. What is online marketing?
  3. What is Adsense?
    1. Google adsense
    2. Adsense earnings
    3. Adsense tips
  4. Email marketing and social media
    1. Email marketing and social media integration
    2. Email marketing vs social media
  5. PPC budget
    1. Low budget marketing - I'm sure you had thoughts of managing a dream account.
    2. Home based business advertising
  6. How to promote CPA offers?
  7. Video marketing statistics
  1. What is Relationship Marketing?
    This is a marketing strategy designed to achieve long-term relationships with customers.
  2. Its Benefits
    If done well, benefits include increased customer retention.
  3. Customer Satisfaction
    The income of all commercial enterprises is derived from the payments received for the products and services to its external customers.
  4. Customer Retention
    Measure of how well customer STAYS and STAYS ENGAGED with the organization OR with specific products and services.
  5. Satisfaction & Retention - which is more important?
  6. Marketing Stages
    There are many different names given to these stages, depending on the type of business.
  7. Why relationship marketing?
    Helping a company during a slowing economy.

Social bookmarking submission service

FREE service to make updating your social networks a snap!
Getting a like or an upvote gives positive reinforcement to what you are doing. It makes you want to do more of that. Social voting websites are central to the current online business model of providing quality products and contents; it is how :
  1. ...good content rises to the top
  2. ...incorrect content falls to the bottom
  3. ...users who consistently provide useful content accrue reputation and are granted more privileges on those social voting sites

One such website is Blokube. It's only through voting that a class of editors emerge to help run and govern the Blokube site. Voting is how site leadership forms there.

The below article is also a how-to, that discusses in detail - how you can use the #1 social media marketing tool Get Free Followers, to get on top of Blokube! This tool also helps boost your online revenue - using the Blokube voting system. Read the how-to to know more on this.

  1. Blokube
    Are you on Blokube yet? It is a relatively new social network for bloggers and marketers - growing at a reasonable rate and it is a healthy sized community for discovering and being discovered. Blokube voting system is a huge motivator for bloggers as the goal is always to get your own content to the front page.
  2. Delicious Bookmarks
    Delicious, formerly known as, is an online bookmarking destination where users can save bookmarked sites on a personal account. It is more than just a bookmark site - it's a social bookmarking submission service, which means there's also a focus on sharing along with storing.

The first thing to do is create account on Delicious. Once you have your profile, you'll need to start looking for connections. Of course, you won't make your bookmarks private. You will share them with your connections, so more people will get informed about the content at your site. Target your audience and connect with as many users as possible.

That's where you can use the FREE social bookmarking submission services of Get Free Followers to get yourself up and running on Delicious. See the above how-to article for more on this.

It's best not to limit your activities on submitting your own pages. Of course you'll do that, but don't forget that a respected member of the community also votes for other web pages. It's really important that, Get Free Followers rewards you with some bucks for submitting other's content on Delicious. The above how-to article shows you how they do it.

  1. Karma exchange
    Share me takes this concept of Karma Point to the new level - where you can actually redeem your Karma point earned here - with the Get Free Followers coins system.

Here is one more trick - that you should get to know. There's an all new social bookmarking submission service - that is pretty interesting now-a-days - for it's amazing features: Share me. One such handy trick is - you can actually make some money by submitting articles / voting or commenting on existing articles in Share me.

Pure Money has plenty of SMM / SEO tools (check the tools section). You can convert the points gained on these tools to Get Free Followers coins and vice-versa. Those coins can be converted to REAL money there - check their how-to articles on how to do this.

Among all the tools, Pure Money considers this social bookmarking submission service as the most important - that's why the conversion ratio of Share me's Karma to Get Free Followers coins is much much higher than the other tools. See the article posted on Share me above to find out the details on this.

Stumbleupon ads


Image SEO

  1. Stumbleupon Followers
    Having been a member of Stumbleupon since the beginning of time it seems, As an active member, lots of users then decided to give Get Free Followers a try. It was indeed the decision of their lifetime!
  2. Stumbleupon marketing
    In 2011, Forbes published findings that Stumbleupon had surpassed even Facebook as a source of social media traffic in the United States. Get Free Followers is the 1st in the world to provide you such a service!
  3. Reddit SEO
    Drive FREE traffic to your site. Get to the Front Page of Reddit. Engage with your target audience!
    1. How to get Upvotes on Reddit?
    2. Reddit Karma
      If someone has lots of karma - either link or comment - that means that user has contributed popular content to the site.
    3. Post on Reddit
  1. Design Float
  2. Design Shovel
    Design Shovel is a place to find the top rated web design/development, digital art, traditional art and graphic design articles published online. Get Free Followers helps you get into their ratings FREE!
  3. VK photos
    If you are a photographer or graphic artist - looking to market your creations, you'll be glad to add Get Free Followers to tour arsenal. Yes - VK, sometimes referred to as the "Russian Facebook," - can now be used to fullfill your marketing requirements and photo SEO!
  4. How to increase Likes on Facebook Photo?
  5. Make money with Instagram Likes
  6. Get paid to Pin on Pinterest
  7. How to get more Repins on Pinterest?
  8. How to get Retweets?
    One way to get search engine exposure is - post your photos to Twitter - with some good message of course. Then use Get Free Followers to boost Retweets on those.
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