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Adsense vs Chitika

Chitika eMiniMalls makes payments made in US Dollars via PayPal and check. Payments are sent around the start of every month. You will receive your payments approximately 30 days after the end of the month in which your account's total generated revenue crosses $10 for Paypal or $50 for checks.

It may be interesting to note that Chitika eMiniMalls is the top revenue source for ProBlogger and many others, where adsense takes second place. So, in my opinion Chitika is definitely worth having a try if you are looking for revenue from your blogs or sites.

Advantages of Google adsense
  1. Lots of Advertisers
  2. Graphics and Image ads
  3. Link unit
  4. Pays more than others
  5. Relevant to your content ads ads
Disadvantages of Google adsense
  1. Famous for disabling Publisher account sometimes without any valid reason
  2. Very strict policy, which is some times hard to follow

  1. Official Support is unreachable.
  2. You will never know how much you are being paid for a particular click.
  3. Very high Cashout threshold ($100) which sometime takes years for small publishers.
  4. Google adsense only gives your around 68% of total earning and takes massive 32%
  5. Non Availability of PayPal payment processor, so payment process takes long time (around 45days) through standard check.
  6. Google adsense provides only a limited no, of ad sizes
  7. you can only put at most 3 ad slots per page.

Adsense vs Chitika. Is Chitika PPC better than Google adsense?

Many of you may be well aware of Google adsense affiliate program which is the market-leader in PPC(pay-per-click) affiliate marketing. However, many of you may not be aware of "Chitika" PPC affiliate program which is closely following Google adsense. Google adsense and Chitika eMiniMalls are the current two top players in the PPC advertising market

Started in 2003, Chitika (pronounced as CHIH-tih-ka), is a full-service on-line advertising network serving over 2 billion monthly impressions across more than 30,000 websites.Chitika has been named one of the leading private technology companies in North America by Red Herring. It is also one of the top 100 private companies in North east

Chitika eMiniMalls is currently Google adsense's close rival, and their pay per click rate has been considerably higher than that of Google adsense. Further, their ads are different from Google adsense text ads in a number of ways
  1. Chitika eMiniMalls ads contain product pictures and hence, they can target specific products
  2. Visitors can search for competitive products on your website without leaving the page
  3. Publishers have the option to control the context sensitive keywords
  4. Unlike Google adsense, new pages with low click-thru rates (CTR) are not penalized
  5. Chitika has a Chitika affiliate program for publishers to recruit new members

Chitika eMiniMalls ads can run on the same page as Google adsense. Another significant way of earning money through Chitika is their referral program, through you'll get 10% of what your referral gets. Chitika outperforms Google adsense in some cases. The CTR(click-through-rate) is also outstanding . Chitika eMiniMalls will make payment 30 days following the end of the month provided that your total revenue has exceeded $10 (for PayPal)

Advantages of Chitika eMiniMalls
  1. Low threshold of $10 for cashout which is easily achievable small publishers
  2. No fear of getting your account banned (Like Google adsense)
  3. Very fast payment is possible through PayPal.
  4. Easy support
  5. More sizes of ad slots like 550 x 336 or 550 x 90 slots which are really useful.
  6. You can put unlimited no of ads in a single page.
  7. Picture in Each ad
  8. Affiliate program

However, Chitika eMiniMalls does have a significant disadvantage. Since Chitika ads look much more like actual advertisements than Google adsense ads, the CTR of Chitika eMiniMalls is considerably lower when compared with AdSense

Chitika eMiniMalls ads are a wonderful source of income if you are planning to implement them newly on your webpages, or maximize your revenue in addition to Google adsense. For further information about Chitika affiliate program, visit the Chitika web-site.

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