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Effective Pay Per Click

First of all, let's talk about the type of advertiser who needs an effective Pay Per Click campaign. For publishers selling cost-per-thousand (CPM) ad space or advertisers measuring revenue-per-visitor (RPV), traffic may be all their business needs to be successful. Publishers in this situation want to drive up the overall impressions their website is getting, as cheaply as possible, so they can in turn sell more ad space to their own advertisers. Effective Pay Per Click advertising is still one of the best ways to accomplish this goal. Advertisers measuring RPV are looking for insight as to how much revenue a marketing program contributes to their bottom line by visitor.

  1. Separate branded and non-branded keywords

    - When setting up your PPC account, it's wise to ensure you structure your campaigns differently. To better track campaign reach, separate the branded terms for your business, and the general non-branded terms.

    Depending on the type of website you have, you should buy the broadest terms available within your vertical. If you run an e-commerce site, then buy early buying cycle keywords like MP3 player, cell phone, shoes, etc. For a lead generation site, buy high-volume keywords that are not fully defined, like marketing, diabetes, dentist, gold, etc. Publishers will want to buy a rotating set of keywords based on new headlines and popular culture. Also target the content network. Even though over 90% of web traffic begins at the search engine, over 90% of all page views are non-search pages.

  1. SEO your PPC landing pages

    - Search engines pay very close attention to how well your landing pages are optimized for specific keywords you're bidding on. Your page's optimization can be the deciding factor between obtaining the top ad position opposed to a low one.
  2. Use phrase and exact match

    - Allowing you to more specifically target the users you want to bring to your site, using phrase and exact match allows you to prevent your ads from showing up for variants that are not relevant to the actual keyword input.

    Your ad copy must be optimized for a high clickthrough rate (CTR). The best way to do this is make sure your keywords are in your ads. Make separate ad groups for all of your highest volume keywords so those ads will be highly targeted. You can also use the dynamic keyword insertion tool here. Remember that Google bolds a keyword that is placed within an ad. Another way to gain an extremely high CTR is with high-interest ad copy. Using words like Free, Learn, and Sale are great ways to grab attention and clicks.
  1. Effective Pay Per Click Requires Creativity, Measurement, and Vigilance

    : Effective Pay Per Click bid management also requires some type of service or assistance (manual, software, or both.) There are several contributing factors that make PPC campaigns complex. The first is measurement and cost; companies are spending thousands per day to bring new visitors to their web sites. How do you justify and calculate an ROI against at these traffic levels? Another complexity is simply the sheer volume of data paid search campaigns tend to generate. Consider that your organization has 100 keywords. Sounds easy enough. Now multiply your list times 5 for all verb tenses, plurals, and misspellings. You can begin to see your actual keyword selection list take shape.

    As an established marketing research company, we are well equipped to manage our pay per click keywords. Your PPC campaign's reports are web based so clients have full access to all data in real-time. The reports will quantitatively show how many visitors are coming from which engines. Your bid manager can help you drill down to granular reports that cross-tabulate individual keyword performance and identify trends. Their primary job is to help clients identify and eliminate keywords that result in waste, and to monopolize keywords that are profitable. That's how they define effective Pay Per Click management and optimization.

    Another benefit of effective Pay Per Click management service is the ability to embed a small piece of JavaScript on our clients' web pages that tracks every incoming click and provides detailed analytics on visitors behavior. In an effort to provide unparalleled service, part of effective Pay Per Click consulting includes a "last mile" effort where we will customize ROI reports based on your organization's unique definition of a conversion. At this level of research, your PPC campaign's analytics unlocks market potentials that are invisible to your competitors who rely primarily on human observations and web logs for their pay per click management and positioning intelligence.

    We have experience buying keywords at the primary search engines. There are about a dozen effective Pay Per Click companies that comprise 90% of the available traffic. The primary suppliers of traffic are Overture, Google, Findwhat, Kanoodle, and Ah-ha; followed by, GoClick, Search123, SearchFeed, Turbo10, Xuppa, Brain Fox, and 7Search. We use software that will check all our terms up to 40 times per day and make decisions based on rules that we determine.

Pay Per Click internet marketing

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  3. Effective Pay Per Click
    First of all, let's talk about the type of advertiser who needs an effective Pay Per Click campaign...
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