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Sales goals

Setting sales goals is one of the most important responsibilities of sales manager. If you don't know or don't know why you should care, your not alone most clients I speak with have never tracked conversions or doesn't know what their ROI. PPC is the most powerful advertising mode available to a marketer however, with increasing competition and entry of bigger players in the fray, it has become extremely important for campaigns to be managed well. Avoid peril, measure, monitor and memorize following aspects of your PPC campaign, they will enable you to discover problem areas and which steps need to be taken to fix them. Most importantly they'll indicate whether or not your campaigns are profitable.

What are good Sales goals?

Sales goals should be specific and measureable. The most common sales goals are:
  1. To make more money
  2. To sell more stuff

Unfortunately, these sales goals are not specific enough. Do you want to make $1 more each month, or $10,000 more? Your sales goals should really be:
  1. Increase total revenue $1,000 each month for 12 months
  2. Get 100 new email subscribers per month at a cost of $5 per subscription
  3. Attain a $15 CPA for new leads with a minimum of 50 leads per month

Many companies will set multiple sales goals. You might have some for social followers, email subscribers, lead generation, total revenue, etc. Having many sales goals is great, however, your marketing budget may not allow you to attain each goal so it's important to put them in order of importance.

This is a very brief look at sales goals, you should have a lot more thought about why you are marketing and what you would like to attain. Above all, you must find a way to track the sales goals you set out to achieve. Here are three common ways to track goals for PPC, which we will examine.

Quality score

Quality score pretty much only applies to Google Adwords, for now. A Quality score is assigned to each of your keywords and many believe your ads as well. It's calculated using a variety of factors and measures how relevant your keyword is to your ad group and to a user's search query.

Quality score dictates your ads' position in the results on Google and their network. It also determines your keywords minimum bid. In general, the higher your Quality score, the better your ad position and the less you pay. There are many factors that determine your quality score some of which Google does not publicize. Here are a couple:

  1. The keyword's click through rate (CTR) on Google; CTR on the Google Network is not considered
  2. Your ads click through rate (CTR)
  3. The quality and relevance of your landing page (in other words if the keyword "cheap faucets" does not have the phrase on the landing page you will not have a high quality score)
  4. And as Google puts it "Other relevance factors"

I can not stress enough the importance of quality score. It is also in your benefit to have a high quality score because this is indicative of highly targeted traffic. Meaning you are getting only the people or businesses interested in your product/service at the time they are ready to make a purchasing decision. In the future I will write extensively on the subject of quality score. For now please read this short definition that Google has provided called "What is a 'Quality score' and how is it calculated?"

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