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Internet video advertising

It's common knowledge that nowadays people enjoy more to watch a screen (be it TV's or PC's) than reading. Internet video advertising can also help save newspapers. Information is delivered at higher rate via images than through text.

The main advantage that Internet video advertising have over the traditional, text format approach is that videos can get to the point much faster and waste less of the precious time of prospective customers. Instead of having the Web users go over some pages of text, trying to figure out the message that you're actually trying to convey, you can deliver the same message in a small percentage of that time in a more attractive and inciting manner.

  1. Create videos that research proves will do well on the sites you are marketing to. Usually funny videos and tutorials tend to do well.
  2. Decide what internet video advertising stance you are going to approach with your video marketing Cut the video and add branding before something funny or interesting happens to redirect the viewer to your site. Or allow the entire video shown to allow for more viewers and impressions.
  3. Initiate streaming rich media ads on videos.
  4. Purchase pre-roll or post-roll ads on videos.
  5. Distribute your video across these multiple video sharing sites.

With the upfront looming, and increasing pressure to be innovative, many advertisers and agencies today are in a headlong race to shift and diversify their TV ad budgets, taking greater advantage of multiplatform-platform "video." And why not? TV advertising is expensive and campaign reach is declining thanks to audience fragmentation. However noble and well-intentioned, however, the expectations of many of these advertisers and agencies are unrealistic, particularly those calling for 10% to 20% budget shifts out of TV into digital video. That's because, you see, 97% of all video viewing in the U.S. still occurs on TV. Yes. Whether the data is from Nielsen, Pew or eMarketer, all agree that only a small fraction of video viewing in the U.S. today occurs on devices other than the TV.

According to Jason Krebs, former chief media officer at video ad network Tremor Media, YouTube is simply latching on to the "brands as publishers" trend that's currently sweeping digital marketing. Publishers like BuzzFeed are doing a good job of incorporating brands into its text-and-image-based content, as opposed to slapping standardized display ads alongside it, and YouTube is attempting to do the same with video.

"Most marketers are understanding this notion of brands as publishers," said Krebs. "YouTube isn't reinventing it; they’re just the platform right now."

Internet video advertising is taking the online world by storm. In 2006, Burst Media studied the online activities of 2,600 respondents and found that an astounding 7/10 people actively view video content on the web. Furthermore, two-thirds of those who view video content online said they do so at least once a week. Males 18-24 were the biggest consumers of internet video advertising, with a third viewing daily. News clips were the most popular videos, followed by movie trailers/advertising, comedy, music, TV shows, entertainment news, instructional how-to videos, political and cooking videos.

Burst Media found that internet video advertising was even more relevant in their 2008 study. Now more than half of all 55+ senior citizens say they watch videos online too. Young viewers are scouring the Internet looking for music, comedy, entertainment and movie trailers, while those 35+ overwhelmingly arrive online in search of news clips. The study emphasizes the need for marketers to reach their audience in non-intrusive ways that entertain and inform, rather than just bombard them on third-party sites.

Two of the hurdles that come with internet video advertising include: the difficulty of benchmarking / measuring progress and the need to promote those videos actively. First off, even given the statistics, it's unclear how one will evaluate success: is it one million views? Is it 500,000 or 250,0000 views? Is it increased web traffic? Is it a certain percentage of sales? Also, more than half of those surveyed who said they’re increasing their video budgets next year say that there needs to be better tracking.

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