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CPA networks

It comes as no surprise, for all the reasons I mention here about Maxbounty and their CPA offers. I have been marketing online since 2009 and today decided to share a list of some of top CPA networks that one can use to earn CPA networkssome hundreds or thousands of dollars every month. So who decides the best CPA networks? Performance Marketing Insider just released their survey results for top 10 CPA networks. I'm happy to see PeerFly on top, but I thought I'd share because you shouldn't limit to one network and these are definitely some of my favorites. Here's a rundown on the top CPA networks in the World right now:
  1. PeerFly: An awesome CPA Network for those of you more advanced. These guys are rooted to the Top right now followed closely by:
  2. MaxBounty: Trust me this is the network you're looking for :) Both for incent and non incent offers.
    1. Perfect offers
    2. Perfect support
    3. Perfect tracking
    4. Payouts are always on time
    5. Did I miss anything?

  1. Many people have a pretty consistent EPC of $0.45 with them :) They definitely have a great service! They have a great variety of offers although i think they can have a slightly larger variety. The payout is great, always on time and never late! Tracking seems to be good as well. As for as i can tell all the tracking is good. The support is great. You can either call, email, or skype for help and they respond relatively quick.
  1. CPAWay
  2. Neverblue - Always strong and a great Network to get started with.
  3. MediaWhizz - Smaller Network than the Top 3 above, but nevertheless popular
  4. Affiliate Venture Group: Affiliate Venture Group is boutique affiliate network run by one of the most accessible guys in the industry, Ricky Ahuja. Located in downtown Richmond, VA with offices in Ashburn, VA - It is a very reputed CPA network, comprised of a team experienced and tireless online marketing professionals. With a focus on exclusive affiliate offers, they continue to build internal offers to compliment this segment.
  5. Adscend Media: I don't know a lot about these guys, but I do know they are in the Top 10 :-)
  6. CPAlead: A healthy affiliate program to be in as it does not spread spyware,adware or whatsover. Just wholesome market research surveys which may somehow benefits the surveyed and we webmasters as well!
  1. Clickbooth
  2. Convert2Media: Huge Publisher Portfolio, these guys will be players this year
  3. Adknowledge: Definately for the more advanced among us, Insane targeting options
  4. W4: Solid Network with a great Team behind it

The difference with CPA marketing is that you don't even have to sell anything at all. Let me repeat. The customer does not have to buy anything, but they all have to take a specified action for you to earn a commission.

"This means you can make money if all they do is something as simple as filling in their zip code, or their email address, or filling out a simple form!"

This makes CPA networks a really great way to make money online because you don't have to persuade them to spend a bunch of money. If you can get them to do a simple action (that's where the Cost Per Action comes from), you make your money. After that, someone else takes it from there and does the heavy lifting of trying to 'sell the product' to the reader. But that's another burden off your shoulders...and you don't need to worry about it. What could be easier than this? CPA networks!

Although CPA Marketing is a quick and easy way to make a TON of money in a short period of time, you don't want to rush in without being prepared. CPA networks can spot a newbie a mile away, and some of them will refuse your application if you don't already have a solid track record. You need to know what's going on with the application process, how to increase your chances of being accepted, and most importantly, what NOT to do in order that you don't torpedo your chances. After all, it would be silly to blow such an easy opportunity away by not doing a little simple and easy preparation.

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