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Benefits of Pay Per View

Businesses need marketing at some point. PPV provides an excellent platform for marketers to target a niche audience and promote their products and services. Online strategies have attempted to capture the momentum and ability that PPV offers to any online business, but they have fallen short. Predecessors like PPC were innovative when first introduced because they represented marketing technology that had not previously existed. PPV however, takes the "pay per" strategy to next level where you only have to pay per full view of your web page or ad.

What can you promote with PPV traffic?

You can promote your own products or other peoples products. You can promote almost anything with PPV but obviously some ad methods work better than others. Lead based offers where you provide a lead based form and then accept credit card payment tend to work better than 'per sale type' CPA (Cost Per Action) offers.

There are very few campaigns that are created without regard to the budget allowed. Most campaigns have to follow strict budget to close without having spent more money than was affordable or profitable. With that, maximizing your marketing dollars or advertising budget means taking advantage of the best prices, top quality as well as smart results. Benefits of Pay Per View allow you to realize some of the greatest return on your investments because of the incredibly low costs. With a single digit percentage of return on investment in PPV, you can gross multiplied thousands in revenues. Taking a close look at your marketing needs will help you see the benefits of Pay Per View for your business.

Benefits of Pay Per View over other traffic sources

The number one of the benefits of Pay Per View over other marketing methods is the initial low cost. Do remember to do your calculations though, 10,000 ad impressions at $0.01 USD is still $100 USD. So structure your campaigns and set maximums when testing.
  1. Cost as low as $0.01 USD per view/ad impression.
  2. No quality score issues to deal with.
  3. No account bans (unless you do something really, really bad).
  4. Direct linking is allowed.
  5. PPV networks LOVE affiliates.
  6. Lots of traffic.
  7. Huge ROI potential.

We all know that there are tire kickers who just randomly click then discover they have clicked in error or they just wanted to see what your offer was. This is not the kind of traffic that will boost your profits or give you the kind of traffic that is targeted to your specific goods or services being offered. PPV marketing can do a better job of laser targeting your ad. The good news is that today there are a great deal of PPV marketing strategies to choose from and this form of advertising is still relatively new and not being used by the masses.

Many businesses, even network marketers, tend to rely on the old-school marketing methods such as postcards, flyers, brochures and the like. Compared to the benefits of Pay Per View, these methods are very costly, time consuming and they don't necessarily offer the results of reaching a targeted audience, even with good demographic research conducted prior to a campaign's release. With PPV marketing, there is no need for the expense of paper and supplies or the labor associated with producing a hard copy marketing campaign of that nature.

When you chose to market your business to a targeted audience, PPV marketing operates on the premise of capturing the attention of audience members through advertising. Many advertisements work as pop ups so that when someone does a mouse over the advertisement or clicks on it, a new window opens up with your marketing message or website for the user to view. PPV is also a less expensive advertise strategy than Google PPC. At this point, I do not yet know the CPA of PPV vs. PPC. I will share that information in a future post.

Email capture method with PPV

Capturing emails is one of the sure benefits of Pay Per View - it can fire method to make money off customers over and over. I highly recommend you use a good autoresponder such as those provided by AWeber and GetResponse for all your email marketing campaigns.

With email capturing on PPV, you use a simple page and a captivating headline to draw people into giving their name and email. It can be that simple. Enticing them with free stuff, like an ebook or video, works wonders. Once you have their email address, you can use your autoresponder to automatically furnish a course of emails. Although you won't see profits as instantly as you will with directly linking, this method can result in excellent long term profits if marketed correctly.

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