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PPV networks

Probably easier if I set this up in a spreadsheet or tables at least. PPV networks allow marketers to link directly to affiliate offers and in turn create some unique and profitable opportunities in certain areas along with specific options. For now I'll just verbalize it on paper and see how it comes out in point form format. Such opportunities aren't available with PPC alternatives. PPV does not require specific landing page guidelines that need to be met. PPV networks participants do have more freedom in terms of message construction and products and service offerings.

End number of people is sailing aboard the PPV train. It's due to the fact that PPV networks offer unparalleled flexibility and more space of kind of creative exploration for generating high-profit breakthroughs. There is great potential for generating revenues with PPV marketing and is a mode of traffic source which you must look into. Even if you are earning enough through PPC marketing, you must try your hands on pay per view for earning additional revenues. There exist several marketers who are using PPV networks and achieving high rate of returns with their campaign.

By adopting PPV advertising, you can create a bigger room for the kind of creative exploration for producing high-profit breakthroughs. There are now lots of PPV networks but the major PPV networks I've encountered are:
  1. Trafficvance: Gamevance software, lots of US and international traffic, shows max four ads per day per user, $1,000 USD deposit required plus a referral from a Traffic Vance customer. Higher entry among the PPV networks.

  1. DirectCPV: Bids begin at an extremely affordable $0.004 USD, $100 USD deposit. Traffic quality is good. A good place to start your PPV campaigns. With DirectCPV, you can direct link and do email capture methods. The results are pretty good with both (although I recommend email capture for best results).
  2. Media Traffic: Vomba screensavers, US and international traffic, 15 million opt-in users and growing, $200 USD deposit. Great place to start because of the low initial deposit and there's only a medium amount of competition. Older demographic. Direct linking lead generation and email capture methods.
  3. LeadImpact: Platrium, Hotbar, Totallyfunfreestuff, Lots of traffic, US an international, $200 USD deposit.
  4. AdOn Network (PV Media Group, previously myGeek): Mygeek shopping toolbar, low traffic but converts well, easy to get accepted, works well if you have lots of campaigns and keywords, $50 USD deposit required. Given the fees, this is a good place to make a few hundred dollars per day as the big guy don't seem to use this site (correct me if I'm wrong).
  1. cpvMarketplace: drives targeted traffic of the highest quality, providing you with the best audience that you have in mind. Experience effective Cost Per View (CPV) online marketing at its finest with cpvMarketplace. With cpvMarketplace, you can attract customers who are most interested in your product or service, drastically improving the results of your campaign.
  2. Build Massive Email Lists. Instead of sending your impressions directly to CPA offers, you can create a squeeze page and collect customers email details for future targeting using an autoresponder such as those provided by AWeber or GetResponse. Building an email list is something most people don't do, but, building an email list can change a $30 payout into a $30,000 payout.
  3. Get thousands of visitors to your offers.
  4. Relatively untapped market. Lots of potential, this traffic sources hasn't been exploited and overly saturated. This will probably change.
  5. Higher ROI than other traffic sources. This is because the traffic is so cheap.

The overall winner is Traffic Vance which won't come as a surprise to most of you. Megaclick has a lot of traffic but it is very expensive. Both Traffic Vance and Media Traffic had a high conversion rate. The one thing missing from Media Traffic is more volume.

PPV tools to automate gathering URL targets

The more you work with PPV networks, the more you'll realize how tedious is can be to pull together a list of URLs or keywords. I highly recommend that you use a toolset called AffPortal. AffPortal is a set of PPV tools that will help you to reduce the time it takes to build out your PPV campaigns down to half the time it would normally take.

Online video marketing

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  1. Things you should always take into consideration when trying to market your site are: people that you are trying to reach. Also the methods that you will use in your plan to be successful.

    Learn how to conduct banner promotions, generate targeted online traffic, positioning your content, and brand awareness. The 10 best ways to promote your site on the web today are :

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    7. SMS marketing services
    8. Pay Per Click internet marketing
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