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PPV traffic

Here is the most exciting part - you don't need to start from scratch. I have quite a bit of PPV traffic and I can give you a few pointers. With PPV the conversion rates can be very very random. Often it is better to bid on urls rather than keywords (ie your ad displays when a user visits a certain url, rather than based on the keywords they type in to the search engines). I've found more general niches like weight loss, make money, dating/relationships etc to convert better with PPV traffic than more specific ones, but I'm still testing some specific niches to try to get them moving in PPV traffic too as there are floods of traffic available there.

On a site like Google you could easily wind up paying $5 for every click you receive from your advertising. In contrast when using PPV marketing you only pay when someone views your site. Typically a view can cost as little as $0.01 if you are using what are known as RON ads which are less targeted, and if you are focused on keywords a competitive keyword can cost $0.10 a view up to $0.15 a view. I'm sure you can see that this is a tiny amount to get quality views coming into your site. Everyone knows marketing is one of the biggest issues to address when starting a home business!

As a result of the cheap pricing, you can expect to receive tons of PPV traffic to your website upon activating your campaign and it is known to show up at an extremely quick pace. People have been known to get 500 or more leads in one day once a campaign goes live! As you can probably see, the power and scalability of PPV traffic is enormous. It can literally transform your business and your bottom line - almost overnight.

PPV is not a get rich quick scheme with push a button strategy. It requires ALOT of testing you have to rotate alot of offers to find out what is profitable.

  1. Success rate

    Id estimate that 1-2 out of 10 campaigns can be profitable. You don't know nothing about what you are doing before you have tested at least 20 campaigns.

    The quality of PPV traffic sources differ a lot some traffic sources converts a lot better in specific niches. So you have to do your research on which traffic your PPV traffic company is well suited for. The by far best PPV traffic source is Traffic Vance but you have to deposit 1k$ to get in there.
  1. Creativity

    You really need to be creative when you create your campagins. You have to think of the fact that pepole who you send PPV traffic to gets an anoying popup while they are surfing. They don't want your standard banner they need to be shocked!

    Lets say you are Marketing Car Insurance offers, then you could have a picture of two cars that crashed and children are flying out of the windows and ask something like: "this could be your children" Find out the best Insurance Rate here.

    Yeah its BOLD but that is what works best with PPV traffic: Shocking pepole with creative stuff. And about testing.... If a product is giving you 10$ per "sale" the general consensus is to test for 2.5-3 times the payout if you cant get it profitable by then. Just move on to next offer. The idea of ppv is to trow up as many campagins as quickly as humanly possible and weed out those who is not converting.

That's why its not that easy to build a business with PPV traffic its more like building yourself a work. What you can do is grabbing email addresses with pre pop email submits on free offers. they don't pay much 1.5$ or so but you get to collect email addresses. That said PPV traffic can be insane profitable but it requires a lot of work and its not that easy to outsource.

And both with urls and pages you have to think out of the box with creativity in your mind. And about targeting sites, the most common mistake people are doing with lets say auto insurance. They use the big auto insurance sites for their traffic source... But that's wrong it might be much better to target a car selling company for instance because they need insurance upon buy.... You have to think one step further.....

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